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Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live

Sunday, 18 November 2012    Written by DerrickH

Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. A show is born, it's a show of means. Then along come three, they got nothing but their jeans. But they got, Dead Pixel Live. It takes, Dead Pixel Live. It takes, Dead Pixel Live to move the world. 

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  • homepage: http://www.deadpixellive.com
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  • itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dead-pixel-live/id275463930?uo=4

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DPL Blog

5 Star Wrestling Interview with Dan Hink…

23-03-2015 Hits:1004 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Dan Hinkles from Serious Parody stopped by Dead Pixel Live on 3/19 to talk with Derrick and Hect about 5 Star Wrestling on the PS3. He details the hurdles he had to overcome as a small developer to bring the game to the PS3 and what he has planned next. Dan tackles questions about possible DLC, the possibility of licensed wrestlers, and the glitches that have popped up since launch.  You can listen to the complete interview below.  {audio}http://media.allgames.com/griddlecakes/deadpixellive031915.mp3{/audio}

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5 Star Wrestling Interview on 3/19

16-03-2015 Hits:811 Dead Pixel Live Blog dhopkins - avatar dhopkins

On Thursday March 19th, Dead Pixel Live will welcome Dan Hinkles from Serious Parody to talk about their newest wrestling game, 5 Star Wrestling. You can listen in right here at www.Allgames.com/live  at 7pm EST/4pm PST. The chat room will be open as always so feel free to log in and send us some questions.  5 Star Wrestling will be available on the PS3 on March 17th and features an innovative control style, varied movesets, and intense action. If you'll be too busy practicing your figure 4 leglock and can't make it to the live show on Thursday, you can always...

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Eschalon 3 Interview on Jan 23rd

16-01-2014 Hits:1204 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

The Eschalon series from Basilisk Games is a throwback to old school RPGS. With it's focus on character creation, vast lands to explore and exciting combat, Eschalon 3 caters to the hard core roleplayer. On January 23rd, Dead Pixel Live will interview Thomas Reigsecker, owner of Basilisk and the lead developer of the upcoming RPG. We'll ask him everything you wanted to know about the Eschalon series and more. Listen live to DPL Thursdays right here on Allgames.com and head into the chatroom to suggest questions that we may have missed. But if you're going to be too busy slaying orcs...

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The DPL XBox One and PS4 Fanboy Series

13-11-2013 Hits:1766 Dead Pixel Live Blog DerrickH - avatar DerrickH

With the new console launches comes the return of a phenomenon known as 'fanboyism'. It's where a gamer makes a decision on which system to buy, and then justifies the choice by vehemently trashing the alternative console. To a fanboy, it's much more important to find faults with the 'opposition' rather than find positive points for their chosen platform. DPL sees this as a huge opportunity to please everyone, and to also anger everyone. So in two special episodes, Dead Pixel Live becomes a fanboy for both sides. In Episode 785, we go deep into why the PS4 should have...

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Pinball Arcade - Terminator 2 Interview …

16-07-2013 Hits:1494 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

  On the July 18th episode of Dead Pixel Live, we'll be talking to Bobby King from Farsight Studios about their hit multi-platform title, Pinball Arcade and the Kickstarter campaign ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1067367405/pinball-arcade-terminator-2-judgment-day) they have to bring the classic Terminator 2 table to the game. The Terminator 2 Kickstarter is to secure the license to the movie, voices, and likenesses from the original machine, including the Governator himself. We'll find out not only about what's going on with Pinball Arcade on the current gen systems, but we'll also see what Farsight has in store for the next gen consoles.    Listen live on Thursday at...

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Patrick Scott Patterson on DPL 7/11/13!

09-07-2013 Hits:1340 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

On Thursday, July 11th, Dead Pixel Live will welcome gaming advocate and personality Patrick Scott Patterson ( http://www.patrickscottpatterson.com/) to the show. Patterson, aka @OriginalPSP, has been a fixture in the gaming community since the 80's and even holds several world records. He has become a advocate of gaming by appearing on outlets like MSNBC, G4TV, and Fox News to discuss how videogames have become the new pop culture. His kickstarted funded web series, Culture x History x Attitide showcases how gaming has became a major part of mainstream society. Listen live at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST when Patrick Scott Patterson joins DPL...

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DPL Raises A Baby

20-04-2013 Hits:1336 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Episode 758 of Dead Pixel Live has Derrick, Hect, Oscar, Legend668 and the entire All Games Community band together to raise twins. We decide on everything from the first console they'll play to what college they go to. How would an All Games Baby turn out? Will Derrick spoil them rotten? Will Legend turn them into spiteful criminals? Will they get that new Nintendo game they've been asking fo? Listen to this episode to find out!  http://www.allgames.com/dpl/item/5412-758-dead-pixel-live-4-18-13

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Interview with OTON Creator 12/13/12

10-12-2012 Hits:1292 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

 The OTON is the first Autonomous Game Console and we'll be talking to the creator/inventor, Derrick Samuels live on the 12/13/12 episode of Dead Pixel Live. The OTON claims to be able to self-create games instantly within minutes. Everything from 2d platformers, 3d action games, racers, shooters, will be at your fingertips. And those games will be free of charge. It'll even run android games, have a built in projector, and it has a laser. Sound too good to be true? Well you can get your questions answered directly from the creator himself when DPL welcomes him to the show...

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DPL Hangout

18-11-2012 Hits:1148 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Come join us this Saturday, November 10th, for our very first DPL Google Hangouts session! This week we'll be going over some of the gaming news we missed on Monday, as well as testing out the feature for bigger and better projects in the future! Show up and bring your webcam! You don't have to be on the cam yourself if you're shy, but we'd love to have as many people as possible to participate. Head to chat.allgames.com at Noon PST/ 3pm EST to join in.  

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Cap That Interview

31-10-2012 Hits:1027 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

On Monday, November 5, DPL:LE will be talking to the guys from CapThat.com about the first social merchandise company for gamers. CapThat allows you to capture any video moment from a game and place it on custom merchandise like shirts, and controllers. If you have Assassin's Creed 3 (and you probably do), then this is the interview for you because CapThat.com has partnered with Ubisoft to get your favorite revolutionary war assassin on your favorite products. Since this is DPL, you can interact with the interview live by tossing questions into the chatroom at chat.allgames.com dureing the show (7pm est...

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