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MmhmM #1

23-01-2020 Fantastic Forum

 this week's Heavy metal miniute on fantastic forum was too long to be included into the main show so you get a bonus extra long version of MOSES MAGNUMS HEAVY METAL MINUTE.  Download Episode

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22-01-2020 Fantastic Forum

So on this episode we continue our dissection of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS the cw event. we review Marvels X #1 and BOOM! Studios' The magicians #1. As always we bring you the week's News  Download Episode

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VGS Show 585 - Hollywood Sucks Off... (1.21.20)

22-01-2020 Video Games Show

The crew is back and we bid a fond farewell and good luck to Addy as she moves onto the next phase of life.  Join Rich, Addy, Bob, Kurt and Matt as they discuss fond Addy moments, the long list of gaming delays, burger spots, small mouths, and a bunch of unexpected movie talk. Download Episode

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S3E2 - Localization Writer and Editor Michelle Deco

21-01-2020 Geek Embassy

Have you ever wondered what localization is? Have you heard the term used and not known exactly what the process is like? This week, Regina interviews localization writer and editor, Michelle Deco, about her work in the game industry (possibly with some of your favorite JRPGs). Other topics include how to get into the game industry, how your geeky interests can influence your career, and some of the difficulties Michelle...

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AEW Who Are They

17-01-2020 Women Wrestling Friends

SarahTheRebel & MisfitsTamara are joined by TeriLynn to explain who all these AEW wrestlers are! Download Episode

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15-01-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this show we are driving to LONG BEACH COMIC expo and we let the recorder run while we talk shit on the way to the show. Enjoy don't judge us too harshley Download Episode

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long beach comic expo wrap up

15-01-2020 Fantastic Forum

Apparently there was a cw crisis and we tell you all about it (spoilers )We talk Long Beach comic EXPO and Moses talks about his recent experience at a comic shop. As always they bring you the week’s news Download Episode

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S3 E1 - Reflections and Plans

14-01-2020 Geek Embassy

It's a new year and a new season for Game on Girl! Listen to Regina talk about some meaningful conversations she's had with a handful of listeners over the last few weeks and how that's helped her recommit to a plan for the podcast. Look for regular weekly content (with a healthy dose of forgiveness!) this year.  S3 E2 will feature an interview with a localization writer and editor working in...

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