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Black Womens Wrestling History

27-02-2020 Women Wrestling Friends

SarahTheRebel and MisfitsTamara are joined by wrestling manager Ayla Fox to talk the history of black women wrestlers Download Episode

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Zombie Cast Unofficial Guide to All Things Zombie ep 368

25-02-2020 ZombieCast


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VGS Show 587 - The Dynamic Twosome (2.25.20)

25-02-2020 Video Games Show

Rich and Matt might be alone, but there is still plenty of talk on this episode.  The boys discuss Xbox Series X specs, Limited Run Games, upcoming releases, new retro toys, the good ole days, a special surprise call, and so much more. Download Episode

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Season 14, Episode 05

22-02-2020 In-Game Chat

I know we’re going to be getting new consoles this year, but that’s about all I know. There’s details on each, yeah, but the things like a release date and price are yet to be determined. And while normally we’d expect these things at E3, that hasn’t always been the case. And especially now with Download Episode ...

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Read Fuckin Comics 2

19-02-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this episode we discuss the newest Netflix comic adaptations for Locke and Key and October Faction. tigerclaw gives you a review of the smash hit film Sonic the Hedgehog. As always Moses brings you his heavy metal minute (MMHMM) And they bring you the week's news. Download Episode

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Season 14, Episode 04

15-02-2020 In-Game Chat

And now, pardon my rant. I spend FAR too much time in this episode discussing E3 and probably retreading over ground I’ve already spent far too much time on in the past. Even worse, I could have continued on were it not for the need to take a commercial break. In a way, I’m thankful Download Episode ...

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