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Women Wrestling Friends Podcast: Pris

24-05-2018 Women Wrestling Friends

Local SoCal pro wrestling manager Pris joins SarahTheRebel and MisfitsTamara Listen to WWF Podcast on iTunes or on AllGames.com Follow us: @WomenWrestlingF @SarahTheRebel @MisfitsTamara Download Episode

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VGS Show 552 - Oh Crap-com... (5.22.18)

23-05-2018 Video Games Show

After a bit of a break, the VGS crew is ready to tantalize your ear holes with a brand new episode.  Once again Jake is absent, but in his place we have a blast from the past guest Kurt in his place, and he brought beer, and Addy brought Oreo cookies, and things get goofy.  In addition to emails, the crew discusses Mo Game Con 2018, Capcom's bad decisions, CoD...

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GHX Ep. 28: Shot Behind the Sandbags

22-05-2018 Gaming History 101

This week Fred and Trees kick it off with a bunch of movie talk followed by just about any other subject not pertaining to video games like drinking and budgets.  Eventually they get to video games and it’s mostly all Trees and Fred’s odd version of a gaming rut.  Then the whole show wraps up with a topical discussion on cloud gaming thanks to the recently announced Resident Evil 7 Cloud...

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The B-Team Episode 470 for May 22, 2018

21-05-2018 The B-Team

God of War Battlezone Gold Edition Download Episode

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I Hear the Word.......Dipper, NOT LAUREL or JACK

21-05-2018 Knuckleballer Radio

Full Crew This WEEK! 1 Million Topics! Please Leave a REVIEW! Download Episode

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Midwest Wasteland - Housing

19-05-2018 Video Game News

Classic Midwest Wasteland Episode Download Episode

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Season 12, Episode 19

19-05-2018 In-Game Chat

We’re good through 2032 at the following link. Destiny 2 is keeping my attention. Easily noticeable by the fact that it was really the only thing I played all week. They’ve given us some strings to keep pulling us along week by week, but if it’s not enough they risk losing our interest early cause Download Episode ...

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PBG Podcast Episode 134

18-05-2018 Potbelly Gamers

In which our heroes discuss Avengers Infinity War in IMAX, Call of Duty Black ops 4 and Glenn calls in to play the Solo name that cliche game!  All this and more on another heart warming, family-focused episode of the Potbelly Gamers Podcast! Download Episode

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Storytelling Episode 2: Friends (Part 1)

17-05-2018 Gaming History 101

This episode Fred talks about his early friendships.  During his formative years of a younger child and into a pre-teen, there were always significant close friends.  He shares his stories of many of these friends and then gets into when everyone starts grouping up. Download Episode

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Legend of David Cage (Quantic Dream)

15-05-2018 Gaming History 101

This week Fred and Jam are gearing up for Detroit: Become Human by going over the history of Quantic Dream.  From the eccentric head of the studio David Cage to the unique combination of story and tech, there’s no denying this developer is distinct, if nothing else. Download Episode

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GoG S2E2 — Matisse Fletcher from Living Computers

14-05-2018 Geek Embassy

Greetings, Geeks! Welcome back to season two of Game on Girl! I have an amazing interview this week with Matisse Fletcher from the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington. Matisse shares with us her journey to becoming an event planner for the museum and talks about what it’s like to have a job that combines a variety of skills in the most unique way. She shares a bit about...

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Midwest Wasteland - Drinking

12-05-2018 Video Game News

Classic Midwest Wasteland episode. Download Episode

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Season 12, Episode 18

12-05-2018 In-Game Chat

We renewed our license at the following link. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Destiny 2 got another expansion. Bigger, it seems, than the last one, which is good, although short on story it expands afterwards. Which is what it should do, but that story could have been better. Download Episode ...

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