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  1. Season 13, Episode 29

    August 10, 2019

  2. Mom's Minute 8-12-2019

    August 11, 2019

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Mom's Minute 8-12-2019

11-08-2019 Mom's Minute

Ms. H stays on her streak of playing enjoyable video games during the 259th episode of the Mom’s Minute Splash Videogame Podcast or MMSVP.  Towards that end, she talks about the gameplay and graphics of the free PS4 video game Wipeout Omega Collection as well as new video games to be released.  Live discussion followed on WNBA in the upcoming video game NBA 2K20. She revisited the topic of 5G...

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Season 13, Episode 29

10-08-2019 In-Game Chat

We go as long as we can to stay off the topic of gaming and gun violence. It’s not that we don’t feel we should be talking about it, but we’re pretty much preaching to the choir when it comes to our audience. We don’t think anyone who comes to listen or watch a show Download Episode ...

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09-08-2019 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live doesnt work in this episode. Derrick screws up the audio again so the show is pretty much a mess. During this fiasco, Derrick goes on about what he'd do for a paycheck and the awful old days of 'creepcast'. Download Episode

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The Fassbender-Neeson Swordfight

07-08-2019 Fantastic Forum

On this episode OZ reviews the the blockbuster; HOBBES AND SHAW. MOSES recounts his experience at Long beach’s Midsummer Scream Halloween convention. As always we bring you the week’s news.  Download Episode

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VGS Show 580 - Con-Quest Con-Quered! (8.3.19)

07-08-2019 Video Games Show

Yes, MO Game Con has come and gone, and frankly, it was a bit of a blur.  Thankfully there is evidence of it happening in the form of the VGS episode recorded at the live panel.  Join the crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and other special guests as we discuss the Rooster Teeth First price hike, hold a video game town hall, get down with some ASMR, have...

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Stumbling Around Looking For Jurgens

05-08-2019 Fantastic Forum

on this episode we review Batman: Hush, the newest animated film from front he DC ANIMATED UNIVERSE. Moses Magnum reviews his recent comic con find, Alcheringa! As always they bring you the week’s news  Download Episode

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Mom's Minute 8-5-2019

03-08-2019 Mom's Minute

New tech takes center stage at the 258th episode of Mom’s Minute Splash Videogame Podcast or MMSVP which included discussions of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite video game console and sunglasses that record. Prior to tech news, Ms. H talks about the XBox One free video games she played -- Apex Legends Season 2 and Dauntless. Lively discussion followed on the recently released movie, Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw...

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Season 13, Episode 28

03-08-2019 In-Game Chat

It’s funny when I hear people talk about other jobs. We all know the difficulty involved with being a public servant. And that includes all forms of occupations where you are there to serve, protect, or help the public. So those are the jobs I’m NOT going to be talking about. I’ve heard people look Download Episode ...

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