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Video Games Show

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 06:15

VGS Presents The Geeked Out Podcast Ep. 133 (3.31.20)

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Hey everyone! With this installment Rich and VGS presents the return of long time favorite, The Geeked Out Podcast. Previously…
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 22:56

VGS Show 588 - Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo (3.10.20)

Written by
While the outbreak may be delaying mini consoles, delaying games, closing down conventions, and being a movie with Dustin Hoffman,…
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 11:58

VGS Show 587 - The Dynamic Twosome (2.25.20)

Written by
Rich and Matt might be alone, but there is still plenty of talk on this episode. The boys discuss Xbox…
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 21:47

VGS Show 586 - The Heinder Distraction (2.11.20)

Written by
After being delayed a week due to a winter weather advisory (nothing ended up happening), the crew is back and…
Wednesday, 22 January 2020 01:32

VGS Show 585 - Hollywood Sucks Off... (1.21.20)

Written by
The crew is back and we bid a fond farewell and good luck to Addy as she moves onto the…
Tuesday, 07 January 2020 21:46

VGS Show 584 - A Decade of Games (1.7.19)

Written by
After the holiday break, the crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt and Matt are ready to storm the world of video…
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 02:47

VGS Classic Christmas Episode Rewind (12.24.19)

Written by
Hey everyone. Well, a combination of a winter storm and the Missouri Department of Transportation dropping the ball, we were…
Thanksgiving 2019 has come and gone and thankfully the VGS crew didn't eat themselves to death. Rich, Addy, Kurt and…
Tuesday, 19 November 2019 21:55

VGS Show 582 - Where Have We Been??? (11.19.19)

Written by
Yes, finally, the VGS crew is back with an all new episode. Get caught up with Rich, Addy, Kurt and…
Thursday, 31 October 2019 02:45

VGS Classic Episode Rewind III (10.31.19)

Written by
We return for one final replay before new episodes start coming out on November 13. Halloween has always been a…
Wednesday, 23 October 2019 03:56

VGS Classic Episode Rewind II (10.23.19)

Written by
Good news everyone! We will be back to our regular recording schedule starting November 12. In the meantime, here is…
Wednesday, 09 October 2019 04:11

VGS Classic Episode Rewind (10.9.2019)

Written by
While the VGS crew is still on their extended break, Rich takes us back 7 years ago to a classic…
Wednesday, 21 August 2019 08:52

VGS Show 581 - Enter Hella Dad!!! (Recorded 8.13.19)

Written by
So MO Game Con 2019 has come and gone and we are all a bit tired. On top of all…
Wednesday, 07 August 2019 00:16

VGS Show 580 - Con-Quest Con-Quered! (8.3.19)

Written by
Yes, MO Game Con has come and gone, and frankly, it was a bit of a blur. Thankfully there is…
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 22:55

VGS Show 579 - Minis & Lites (7.23.19)

Written by
A mini, a lite and old men flying jets are on tap for this episode of VGS. Join Rich, Matt,…
Wednesday, 10 July 2019 01:10

VGS Show 578 - Featuring VGS (& Bathwater)!!! (7.9.19)

Written by
VGS crew, featuring VGS, is back for an all new VGS, starring VGS!!! Anyway...Rich, Kurt, Matt & Bob are back…
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