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Another Crazy Idea

Written by agn

Day 1 - I've decided to build an interactive food truck that sells ice cream and sorbet flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. People are asking if I am crazy. Possibly. However it is no more crazy than quitting college to build an interactive network about video games in 1995. The truck is somewhat of an extension of that earlier idea.

What if the truck was also as a mobile studio where people can come together, listen to music, play interactive games, and meet new people in the real world, while still being connected to the internet via the truck. What if there was a live stream and chat room so the online community can interact with people in LA?

I don't have it all figured out yet, but this much I know. Things frozen cryogenically have smaller ice crystals, that means a smoother and creamier product than every single product that has ever sat in a supermarket. Liquid Nitrogen is also the only way to freeze alcohol which can lead to a lot of creative party menus. In future entries I'll explain how we ended up choosing an organic ice cream base, it really does make a difference.

Please comment with any suggestions or ideas on things we can do.


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