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scotheadshotScot Rubin is the creator of and has spent 19 years as a television/radio/internet personality. He has written/produced/hosted more than 1000 hours of programming about the video game industry.

Scot has been an entrepreneur and executive responsible for the launch of several interactive entertainment ventures. As a consultant for Comcast and co-founder of G4 Media, Scot helped bring the world of video games to television in 2002. At G4, Scot served as VP of Program Editorial and Internet, and developed, Produced, and Hosted G4TV.COM, the network's interactive talk show.

Before G4, Scot founded All Games Network (AGN). AGN was sold to Net-TV pioneer Pseudo Programs and Rubin served as VP of Games and Sports programming. In that position, Scot served as Executive Producer of the QB Club Chanel, a joint venture with the NFL.

Currently Scot is building NITROPOD, the worlds first interactive food truck in Los Angeles featuring liquid nitrogen ice cream and other cool stuff.
Scot continues to provide insight and editorial about the billion dollar video game industry here at



Next Gen Starts In 2015

09-06-2014 THOUGHT RUBIN Scot Rubin - avatar Scot Rubin

Another year of E3 reveals and while we're coming up on the first year anniversary of the XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4, many of these games look like XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 titles. You can't really expect game developers to spend too much time and money producing launch titles that only a few hundred thousand people will buy. Almost all the year one titles for a new console are ports of the current-gen version. The titles that really look like the next generation of console games are still a year away. The trailers look great, but are these really the...

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MLB 14 The Show Is Broken

02-06-2014 THOUGHT RUBIN Scot Rubin - avatar Scot Rubin

There are only a handful of games that I play all year long. MLB The Show from Sony San Diego is one of them. It's always missing out on the spectacle of E3, because the latest release has already hit the streets. If you want info about arguably the greatest sports game franchise ever created, you'll usually get it in January as we get closer to spring training. MLB 14 The Show is actually the first baseball game to have no competition on game consoles. With MLB2K finally being put out of its misery, PlayStation owners had the only game...

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George F%@KING Broussard

21-04-2014 THOUGHT RUBIN Scot Rubin - avatar Scot Rubin

If you had a computer that could play games in 1996, chances are you downloaded the shareware of Duke Nukem 3D in early 1996. I certainly did and while some people can wax poetic about the triforce and zelda, (Writers note: I have never cared enough to play a legend of Zelda game for more than 5 or 10 minutes) I will never forget the Duke Nukem 3D experience. Playing with other people inside this world was addictive and fun, and caused me to play endless nights into the wee hours of the morning. Little did I know, a few months...

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Hello VR

14-04-2014 THOUGHT RUBIN Scot Rubin - avatar Scot Rubin

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she said as she handed my makeshift press kit back to me. "Oh, I'll take that." I said as I shoved it into the bag with the other 29 kits me friends and I had assembled a few nights earlier. She then offered me a demo of the i-glasses from Virtual io and I was floored. The future is here at E3!     The glasses were made with a heads-up see-through distortion free display. Each eye had a 30 degree field of view, and contained 2 full color 0.7" LCD's with 180,000 pixels per...

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07-04-2014 THOUGHT RUBIN Scot Rubin - avatar Scot Rubin

As I prepare for the excitement and madness of E3 2014, I reflect back to E3 2006, my first E3 was also the first public stop on a journey that would take me to the first internet television network at, then across the country to start the first 24-7 video game TV channel G4. It would eventually take me inside the worlds first professional gaming league, the 25 million dollar Championship Gaming Series. Each stop on the journey would teach me about business, life, and the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and working in startups.  It's 10:30 at...

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All Games All Stars

20-06-2013 THOUGHT RUBIN agn - avatar agn

Day 10 - One of the key features of the truck will be high contrast outdoor monitors for videos and game competitions. I’d like to have game challenges/competitions from the truck and tag the leaderboard to that zip code. As we move to new cities, there is a new leaderboard. We’ll also track an overall leaderboard. We’ll be able to develop local rivalries and find the best players in LA. Those players will become All Games All Stars. They will be the “Home” team for our competitions. They will play against online gamers to rank up or drop out. Winners...

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Another Crazy Idea

10-06-2013 THOUGHT RUBIN agn - avatar agn

Day 1 - I've decided to build an interactive food truck that sells ice cream and sorbet flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. People are asking if I am crazy. Possibly. However it is no more crazy than quitting college to build an interactive network about video games in 1995. The truck is somewhat of an extension of that earlier idea. What if the truck was also as a mobile studio where people can come together, listen to music, play interactive games, and meet new people in the real world, while still being connected to the internet via the truck. What if...

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