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Video Game Outsiders

Video Game Outsiders

Friday, 16 November 2012    Written by AllGames

Voted PODCAST OF THE YEAR by the Xbox Live Community Awards. Video games, entertaining banter and the occasional pie... Michelle Madison and John Jacobsen, along with Game Radar's Matt Bradford, take you inside the outsider's perspective. From the hilarious (and terribly misnamed) 10-second spotlight to drunken listener calls, this is video gaming from the average player's perspective. Listen every week for a new episode. And check out the forums daily for one of the Internet's largest communities of gamers.

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  • homepage: http://videogameoutsiders.com/
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  • itunes link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=79430865

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  • Just wanted to say I love the show, it makes my boring day at work a lot more entertaining. Also, at gamestop one day for some reason my friend said a game that would never be made is one about blimps, thanks to you I proving him wrong!

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  • Hey everyone, I'm from Blackley in Manchester, England. Just want to say that without Michelle you guys are not really getting deep enough into the games. Although Normi has the sexiest voice I have eva heard in my life, she needs to up her games. Playin poker and gettin excited about Halo3 is lame. You guys are great to listen to but please, please, don't forget about the games. All the best from a little kingdom just off mainland Europe.

    from England, UK
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  • Guest - bradtr0n

    i can get the glasses if you still need them, give me an email can sort it.

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  • First time listener.

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  • i love this show makes me not want to kill my self thanks vgo I owh my life

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No-one can deny that 2013 was a pretty awesome year for video games. It was a strong year for AAA and indie titles alike. But 2013 is over, so let’s take off our Luigi caps and look at some of the great games that’ll be gracing our shelves, and our lives, in 2014 (delays pending). Believe me, narrowing this list down to five games was no easy feat. So let’s not get pissy if a particular game isn’t on the list, we’re all friends here. 5. The Evil Within (TBC) Horror and I have a strange relationship. I have nerves of jelly and cower...

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  This morning Rockstar posted an article detailing exactly what went down last night while the service was down for maintenance. Basically, as long as you weren't altering your DNS to gain access to modded lobbies, you're fine. Heck, I've recieved in-game cash several times from complete strangers. Once someone decides to give you money, it's a done deal - there's no way to refuse. Rockstar is removing the "couterfeit" cash from everyone's account. So if you too have received some of this dirty money, I hope you did what I did and bought some toys! Full article here:   http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/news/article/52096/taking-aim-at-gta-online-cheaters

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Are you happy with you're new next-gen console?  Turns out, some of you aren't.    Voice recognition not so great on Xbox One? Lack of launch titles lacking on PS4?    Well then, time to step up and own it: PS4 and Xbox One were released 6-12 months too early.  That's right. Sony and Microsoft jumped the gun. Where's the XBL Arcade? Gone. Where's Sony's free to play online? Gone. Seems both sides are questioning their loyalty, as of late. We have no games, "beta" class software on our new hardware, and only promises to look forward to. I, for one, am happy to wait a year for...

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  Let's face it: Lego games are great. We've all played at least one Lego game, right? Of course. They're fun, the voice-over work is outstanding, and playing with your kids has never been more fun! Enter: Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Want to play as a Lego version of Iron Man? Done. Spider-Man? Done. Captain America? Done and done. Plus you can unlock more than 100 other playable characters like: The Punisher, Mystique, and Deadpool. DEADPOOL!!!!!!      Lego Marvel Supers Heroes is out today, 11.15.2013 on the following platforms:   Xbox 360 PS3 Wii U WinPC OR buy the launch version this fall on:   Xbox One PS4  

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So, you fired up your Xbox and saw GTA V right there on the dashboard, all shiny and new, just begging to be downloaded, right? Did you think: TAKE MY MONEY!!!  I WANNA PLAY NOW!!!   Like I did? Well, for those of you that want to download the game, these are the things you'll need to know before proceeding:   First, the file size is misleading; GTA V is listed as being 7.63 GB, which is true, however you'll need to download an addtional 7.69 GB of patches and Install Packs. I recommend having a minimum of 20 GB free before starting.   Next, I will tell...

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intro:pw is stepping down from community manager for a bitthe fat black midget demographic spotlightmichelle:AC3messes with note 2smart glassworld zwar z mmoz's john:minecraft multiplayertries wii u on store displaydoesn't trust the postal ladynote 2-john really likes it.google play storemichelle's sister is coolhalo 4halo voicemailblops 2black guy war matt:requests bell taken awaywreck it ralphAC 3 paper turkey arrivesturkey voicemail news? voicemail-what one game for the yearsomething that lasts a while-ps+ tweetspizza hutshosts prefer matt kill the homeless instead of pizza hutolive gardenshow 2 weeks later will be discussing matt's lunch decisionsjefferson asks if john has caught up on breaking badjohn now in season 5sodoom- full on review...

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