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04-09-2015 Hits:4832 R9Cast Blog Esgee - avatar Esgee

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A New Show Is In Your Future

22-10-2013 Hits:5703 R9Cast Blog Esgee - avatar Esgee

It's one month from the launch of the Xbox One and to celebrate I'm here to announce a new show! R9XE will focus on the Xbox brand of the past, present, and future. Mainly talk about games but tangents are welcome. Ask your Xbox centric questions at @R9cast on Twitter and I will read them on the show. The next gen is upon us and I'm glad to be a gamer. Tiltowait!

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Game Nation Celebration: My Gamer Nerd D…

03-07-2013 Hits:6363 R9Cast Blog Esgee - avatar Esgee

     As a gamer, have you ever wondered where you could go to fulfill your video game fantasies? Then you say to yourself, sure, I can go to any of the various Cons that are held throughout the year. At these Cons, you will see trailers of the future games to be, wait on rediculously long lines for a vertical slice demo or to get a t-shirt. But there's still something missing. This is where Daniel T. Ruke comes into play.    “Game Nation Celebration is our celebratory launch party to showcase all of the amazing things we are doing...

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