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Mom's Minute

Mom's Minute

Friday, 16 November 2012    Written by RealMsH

Ms. H reviews games for todays gaming consoles, including the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3. Get reviews from a mom who gives her opinions from an entirely new point of view 

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  • Air Times: LIVE - Monday 9pm EST / 6pm PST

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  • I just discovered Mom's Minute. A few minutes into the show, I know I'm going to like Ms. H.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - The Gr…

26-08-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - The Grand Tournament Expansion Pack

If you are a fan of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft video game, you may already know that Blizzard Entertainment released an expansion pack, The Grand Tournament on August 24, 2015.  This is the second major expansion pack since Goblins vs. Gnomes was released in December 2014. As background information, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, initally released in March 2014 --  is a popular online card playing video game that is free to play on Windows, IOS and Android devices.  Even though Hearthstone:  Heroes of Warcraft is free to play, there are options to purchase cards and items for the game.  Interesting enough...

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Video Games: How Shenmue 3 Was Guarantee…

24-07-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Video Games: How Shenmue 3 Was Guaranteed to be Funded

 SMH - Shaking my head about the "third" party funding of the Shenmue 3 kickstarter which successfully ended on July 17, 2015.  If you haven't heard, Sony is the "third" party.  Yes -- I get that Shenmue 3 was a long awaited video game, and yes, I understand  the ultimate goal is to get full funding of a video game to make sure  the video game actually comes to fruition.  What I do not get is a video game that garnered over $6 million dollars while at the same time having the financial backing of a major company like Sony...

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Tomb Raider Lara Croft: A Character Stu…

11-07-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Tomb Raider Lara Croft:  A Character Study

For Lara Croft, the current atmosphere and debate of how women are depicted in video games can be described as how Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities novel begins -- "It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.”  Even though there is a long ways to go to reach the ideal depiction of females in video games, the steady evolving of the video game landscape can be described as the best of times evidenced by the presence and almost domination of women at the E3 press conferences and other prominent video games events.   Could it...

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Video Games: Ms. H Grades E3 2015 Video…

21-06-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Video Games:  Ms. H Grades E3 2015 Video Game Press Conferences

Introduction:  What did you think about the E3 2015 press conferences?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent? I'm sure you have thoughts and opinions about the E3 press conferences, whether you attended in person or watched online as I did.   As background -- The E3 press conferences were held in various locations over two days - June 15 - 16, 2015. Here is the schedule. http://www.allgames.com/data-blog/item/11020-every-e3-2015-press-briefing Nothing really happened during the E3 press conferences that blew me away.  There were some stand-out moments such as Microsoft's hololens' Minecraft live demonstration; however, for the most part the information shared was more business as usual.  There were new...

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Springfest 6 Custom Car Show 2015 Entert…

11-06-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Springfest 6 Custom Car Show 2015 Entertains Big Time

Where would you go if you wanted to see a wide variety of cars in all makes, styles and models while meeting lots of friendly people at the same time?  The answer is of course to Springfest 6 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Springfest 6 was held on June 6, 2015 spanning both the inside of the convention center complex as well as the outside parking areas. In my opinion, Springfest 6 was well attended with many models and types of cars that took center stage. Mother Nature was very kind by giving us beautiful blue skies and plenty of...

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Awesome Con 2015 Raises the Bar

02-06-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

Awesome Con 2015 Raises the Bar

  Introduction In light of how great Awesome Con fared, the bar was raised for this year's convention. Awesome Con was held at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC May 29 - 31, 2015.  Notwithstanind the long treks between the different exhibits and events, including the photo and autograph ops sessions, you may walk away from the convention feeling elated to have been a part of such an entertaining event. Size and Scope The size and scope of Awesome Con rival that of others that I recently attended, namely the Tidewater Comic Con. This year Awesome Con took over not only the main...

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Sarah the Rebel on Mom's Minute 6/1/15

29-05-2015 Mom's Minute Blog AllGames

Sarah the Rebel on Mom's Minute 6/1/15

On Monday, 6/1, Ms. H will be joined on Mom's Minute by Sarah Rodriguez, author of the new book, Agent Carter Declassified. You can listen in live as Ms. H gets as much information as possible about not only writing a book featuring one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Movie Universe, but also what it takes to become a successful writer.  While you're listening to the show live at 4pm PST/7pm PST, hop into the AllGames chatroom and send Ms. H any questions that you'd like answered by the world famous author. If you'll be to busy tracking...

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Project Nourished: Enjoy Dining - VR Sty…

09-05-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

How would you like to enjoy breakfast snacks or any foods for that matter without worrying about calories? Or maybe you have dietary restrictions or allergies that keep you from eating certain foods, even though you may have a strong urge to indulge in these delicious foods. Well, there may be a solution in the works if you include yourself in the millions of people who have to watch closely what they eat. The solution may be in an upcoming video game where you can enjoy the perception of eating any foods you like to your heart's content. The name...

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Godzilla Video Game Release Date Announc…

19-04-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

If you happen to reside in Japan or plan to visit and is a fan of Godzilla, you may already be playing the latest version of the Godzilla video game since its release on December 14, 2014.   Of course, the video game is available for online-ordering elsewhere, but Japan got first dibbs at having the video game released globally in Japan.  It's no secret that Godzilla is a big part of Japan's entertainment culture.  Godzilla had his start in Japan appearing in the first film showing of Godzilla back in 1954.  The first Americanized version of the movie was...

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Quantum Break -- Still Worth a Second Lo…

28-03-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH

I recently saw the movie The Divergent Series:  Insurgent which is a sequel to the Divergent movie released last year, starring Shallene Woodley and Theo James.  Unlike the previous Divergent movie, some of the scenes reminded me of the type graphics expected in the upcoming video game, Quantum Break. There were scenes in the movie that showed buildings and other items being transformed in what seemed to be thousands of pieces.  Quite impressive, I must say.  The graphics were obviously CGA based, but fit right in with this futuristic type movie. This movie led me to check into what is going...

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