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Mom's Minute

Mom's Minute

Friday, 16 November 2012    Written by RealMsH

Ms. H reviews games for todays gaming consoles, including the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3. Get reviews from a mom who gives her opinions from an entirely new point of view 

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  • itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/moms-minute-video-game-reviews/id387591806
  • Air Times: LIVE - Monday 9pm EST / 6pm PST

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  • I just discovered Mom's Minute. A few minutes into the show, I know I'm going to like Ms. H.

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How You Can Be Successful at Black Frid…

18-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

In my opinion, it is becoming more difficult to take advantage of all of the Black Friday sales that crop up every year.  To be successful at Black Friday shopping, you must go beyond simple planning and become somewhat of a sleuth or an undercover shopping private detective to be successful and come away from Black Friday sales not full of frustration because you did not get those highly underpriced sale items but from a feeling of triumph that not only did you have a plan, but that you successfully worked your plan.    Even though my Black Friday Shopping secrets...

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Marvel Universe Live: A Review

18-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

If you would like to see some of your favorite Marvel superheroes in full costume and as always fighting criminal elements, including monsters with lizard tails and others -- then Marvel Universe Live is the show for you.  At Marvel Universe Live you will see a full cast of some of your favorite Marvel characters, some with the added power to perform acrobats and dare-devil riding and stunts while at the same time fighting for justice and the American way. Marvel Universe Live is a stage show where there are lots of explosions, fireworks, fighting matches and the like to keep...

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Assassin's Creed Unity and Halo Midnight…

10-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

Pierce (center) obediently keeps his place in line Yes, Pierce, the dog did not jump the line and obediently stayed in line during the November 11, 2014 midnight launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo, and the Xbox One bundle. As Pierce got friendly with several people standing in line, including myself, the owner told everyone the dog does not bark. As I stood in line a few people behind Pierce,  I asked if Pierce made any groaning like sounds, which the owner admitted that he did.  I marveled at how friendly the dog was, but could not help but make a...

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Penguins vs. Possums Issue Number 5: A …

14-10-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

What a pleasant surprise in Issue Number 5 to see the introduction of a storyline that creatively ties the ongoing war of the Penguins vs. Possums with human archaeologists.  If you recall during my review of the previous issues of Penguins vs Possums, I noticed the sparseness of humans throughout the story.  Of course the main gist of this epic story is the battles between the Penguins and the Possums; however, I believe the humans in this volume added another dimension that will spark readers' as well as fans' curiosity and interest. Also new in Issue Number 5 of Penguins vs...

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Bobby King and the Future of The Pinbal…

23-09-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar AllGames

Bobby King, VP and Lead Designer of Pinball Arcade joined Ms. H for a riveting interview on the Mom’s Minute podcast. He discussed the current kickstarted campaign to license the legendary Addams Family pinball table and also dropped more than a few gems of info about what lies ahead for the Pinball Arcade. A deal with Sony Entertainment will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back to pinball with The Last Action Hero table and also, for the first time Farsignt will design a completely original pinball table based on a Sony film property. That leaves a lot of room for speculation, although...

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Mom's Minute Interviews Pinball Arcade's…

19-09-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar AllGames

Monday 9/22, Bobby King from Farsight Studios will join Ms. H on Mom’s Minute at 4pm PST/7pm EST for an indepth talk about Pinball Arcade and the new Kickstarter to bring the legendary pinball table, The Addams Family to life. For years Pinball Arcade has been dedicated to bringing the most realistic simulations of classic pinball tables to as many platforms as possible. Now they’ve set their sights on one of the most coveted tables of all time and are crowd funding the licenses needed to make it happen. Ms. H will get all the details about the project from Mr...

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Marvel's Black Widow #1: A Review

30-08-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

Natasha Romanoff is Black Widow My question to the graphic artists and designers of the #1 issue of Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto is why didn't you all stick to the vivid illustrations of Black Widow as she is depicted above throughout the comic book?  This picture is actually on the back of the comic book instead of the front, and the vivid details and rendering of Black Widow as shown here are sparse to non-existent throughout the comic book. For some reason, the graphic designers decided to feature a blurry close up of a solemn-faced Black Widow...

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Enter the Mom's Minute Ultra Street Figh…

25-08-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar AllGames

It's time again for the Mom's Minute Matriarch Meltdown! This time players will battle each other in Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the PS3, and the winner gets the chance to fight Ms. H herself for the championship. The winner of the tournament will get their choice of three incredible prizes. Square Enix Street Fighter IV: Play Arts Kai: Ryu Action Figure Square Enix Street Fighter IV: Play Arts Kai: Cammy Action Figure Street Fighter Collectible Mini Figure Series 1 Blind Box Lot Of 20   Sign up for this free tournament by creating an account and logging in to AllGames and going to Community-> Tournaments  or http://goo.gl/Nj7LdW ...

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Splash - A Sable World Novella: A Review

24-08-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

Splash by Baine Kelly Those mysterious creatures of the night known as vampires seem to be eveywhere in the media, whether it be television, movies, or digital video offerings.  I believe it is almost expected that some vampire novels which start out in print -- sometimes end up on the big screen.  Examples of these vampire novels would be Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, the popular vampire movie Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, and I'm sure many others. Then there are stories of vampires that seem to be meant to be enjoyed in print -- even though of course there...

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Penguins Vs Possums: A Review

23-08-2014 Mom's Minute Blog  - avatar RealMsH

Penguins vs Possums They say to write any good story that readers will remember long after finishing the book, novel, publication, comic,  graphic novel or what have you --  the story must have characters or events that are felt strongly about, either positively or negatively.  In other words, readers must somehow care what happens to the characters, even if the outcome is one that is detrimental.  An example of this would be a villain getting his or her just dues either during the story or at the end of the story.  Sometimes, even more importantly than the characters or events, is...

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