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Mom's Minute

Mom's Minute

Friday, 16 November 2012    Written by RealMsH

Ms. H reviews games for todays gaming consoles, including the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3. Get reviews from a mom who gives her opinions from an entirely new point of view 

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  • Air Times: LIVE - Monday 9pm EST / 6pm PST

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  • I just discovered Mom's Minute. A few minutes into the show, I know I'm going to like Ms. H.

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Project Nourished: Enjoy Dining - VR Sty…

09-05-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

How would you like to enjoy breakfast snacks or any foods for that matter without worrying about calories? Or maybe you have dietary restrictions or allergies that keep you from eating certain foods, even though you may have a strong urge to indulge in these delicious foods. Well, there may be a solution in the works if you include yourself in the millions of people who have to watch closely what they eat. The solution may be in an upcoming video game where you can enjoy the perception of eating any foods you like to your heart's content. The name...

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Godzilla Video Game Release Date Announc…

19-04-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

If you happen to reside in Japan or plan to visit and is a fan of Godzilla, you may already be playing the latest version of the Godzilla video game since its release on December 14, 2014.   Of course, the video game is available for online-ordering elsewhere, but Japan got first dibbs at having the video game released globally in Japan.  It's no secret that Godzilla is a big part of Japan's entertainment culture.  Godzilla had his start in Japan appearing in the first film showing of Godzilla back in 1954.  The first Americanized version of the movie was...

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Quantum Break -- Still Worth a Second Lo…

28-03-2015 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

I recently saw the movie The Divergent Series:  Insurgent which is a sequel to the Divergent movie released last year, starring Shallene Woodley and Theo James.  Unlike the previous Divergent movie, some of the scenes reminded me of the type graphics expected in the upcoming video game, Quantum Break. There were scenes in the movie that showed buildings and other items being transformed in what seemed to be thousands of pieces.  Quite impressive, I must say.  The graphics were obviously CGA based, but fit right in with this futuristic type movie. This movie led me to check into what is going...

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Retro VGS Interview with Mike Kennedy

24-03-2015 Mom's Minute Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Mom's Minute welcomed Mike Kennedy to talk about the new Retro VGS game system on the latest podcast episode. Mike gave Ms. H the rundown on the upcoming game system thats designed with retro style games in mind.  Mike lets a lot of information out, including price points and system configurations. We even attempt to pry out a few possible developer names.  If you're hungry for info on the RetroVGS, then you'll want to hear the interview as Ms. H goes retro. You can listen to the entire show below. While it's playing, head over to http://ShopReadRetro.com  and use Promo Code 'GORETRO' to get...

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Retro VGS Interview on 3/23

17-03-2015 Mom's Minute Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Monday March 23rd at 4pm PST/7pm EST Mom's Minute will welcome the people behind the highly anticipated Retro VGS game console for an indepth interview! Mike Kennedy and Daniel Kayser, the driving forces of Retro Magazine and the creators of the upcoming console, will be on the air live to give us the scoop on the newest game console that's set to bring back the classic gaming experience. The Retro VGS is tracking to be unlike any other console currently on the market. Being a cartridge based system inside a classic shape, it redefines 'retro' while still using modern hardware. You...

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Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris

02-12-2014 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

Are you a Lara Croft fan?  If so, you may be excited to know that you have to wait only a few days to play the latest version of the game -- Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris -- and see where her adventures take her.  Just to clarify, Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris is not relateble to Tomb Raider The Definitive Collection, which is a single player, Role Playing Game (RPG).  By contrast, Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris has a 4-player co-op option as well as many puzzles and side action adventures.  In the...

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Alienware Alpha PC "Steam" Con…

27-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

As the saying goes -- "You learn something new everyday."  Did you know there is a video game console available where you can play Steam games? Instead of playing Steam games on your PC, you can use this video game console.  I came across an Alienware Alpha ad as I was perusing the Black Friday sales.  I noticed the familiar Alienware symbol that's on my Alienware 17 gaming laptop.  However, after looking closely, I found out that this new Alienware was not a gaming laptop, but is a console -- similar to the PS4 and the Xbox One. After researching...

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Mom's Minute Grades Black Friday Sales

26-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

Black Friday is almost here! You may want to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales, some which are starting as early as 6:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014.  In my opinion, it pays to know which stores are worth the time you may spend waiting in lines to own those coveted sale-priced video games, video game systems or other merchandise.  To help you decide where to shop on Black Friday for video game merchandise -- I, Ms. H from Mom's Minute Video Game Show, will grade some prominent Black Friday retailers.   There will be lots of sales...

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Marvel Universe Live: A Review

18-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

If you would like to see some of your favorite Marvel superheroes in full costume and as always fighting criminal elements, including monsters with lizard tails and others -- then Marvel Universe Live is the show for you.  At Marvel Universe Live you will see a full cast of some of your favorite Marvel characters, some with the added power to perform acrobats and dare-devil riding and stunts while at the same time fighting for justice and the American way. Marvel Universe Live is a stage show where there are lots of explosions, fireworks, fighting matches and the like to keep...

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How You Can Be Successful at Black Frid…

18-11-2014 Mom's Minute Blog RealMsH - avatar RealMsH

In my opinion, it is becoming more difficult to take advantage of all of the Black Friday sales that crop up every year.  To be successful at Black Friday shopping, you must go beyond simple planning and become somewhat of a sleuth or an undercover shopping private detective to be successful and come away from Black Friday sales not full of frustration because you did not get those highly underpriced sale items but from a feeling of triumph that not only did you have a plan, but that you successfully worked your plan.    Even though my Black Friday Shopping secrets...

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