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The B-Team podcast is a show devoted to video games first and foremost. Discussion on other topics such as media (TV, movies, comics, etc.), tech, or life may occur as well. Featuring five people that met on the Video Game Outsiders community: Chip, Chris, Ryan, Fred, and Geoff. Coming live every Thursday on Allgames, and then the show comes out every Sunday for all to listen. 

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Is It Time To Dive Into Hearthstone?

15-04-2014 Hits:9758 Horseplay Blog Yogizilla - avatar Yogizilla

Unless you've been living under a rock and said rock is not equipped with access to the Interwebz, chances are that you've heard about Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft.  Blizzard has a way of creating games that become pervasive in all facets of geek culture.  In spite of how popular Hearthstone has become in it's few months of being available publicly (and for FREE, at that), there are still people on the fence about it.  Today, I hope to share some of the recent developments in Hearthstone and why now is the time to dive in. First, let's look at the common...

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Horseplay Blog

15-02-2014 Hits:4324 Horseplay Blog dhopkins - avatar dhopkins

The Horseplay Blog

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