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Play with us - VM Hotline (206) 415-4987! HorsePLAY! is where geeks come to play. We're all about community engagement! You can tweet us: @Yogizilla, @ObioneX2, or @GeekyAntics. Call-ins and guest hosts welcome - Yogizilla and HorsePLAY on Skype. We are LIVE every Thursday 11pm Eastern at and - come join us! On HorsePLAY! we mostly talk PC gaming, geek culture, technology, and news.. But everything is fair play with us. Tune in for community gaming nights, giveaways, and other events. We are HUGE on strategic gaming, particularly TCGs, tactical shooters, and MOBAs! 

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0 #3 Yomar "Yogi" Lopez 2014-09-04 17:33
BTW folks we are aware that the latest episodes have not been playing on our Thursday 5pm EST slot. Its been going back deeper into the archives. I know DerrickH is looking into it. The feeds seem to be wonky at times. No worries!
0 #2 Yomar "Yogi" Lopez 2014-09-04 17:31
Thanks BFT! You get the feels we are going for man.. You really do!

How are you enjoying Time-Wimey Tea Time? Everyone is really getting into Doctor Who now. Its awesome! We need to convert Obi. Whovians unite!
0 #1 BFT9000 2014-08-21 22:14
It's a fun show. Yogizilla and Obionex2 are both enthusiastic during the show. They have a great sense of humor with a good discussion on whatever topics they come up with, or derail into.

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