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The B-Team podcast is a show devoted to video games first and foremost. Discussion on other topics such as media (TV, movies, comics, etc.), tech, or life may occur as well. Featuring five people that met on the Video Game Outsiders community: Chip, Chris, Ryan, Fred, and Geoff. Coming live every Thursday on Allgames, and then the show comes out every Sunday for all to listen. 

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GH101 Xbox 360 and PS3 Restrospectives

20-11-2013 Hits:7817 Gaming History 101 Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

    Fred is joined by an all star list of guests as Gaming History 101 looks back on the longest, most successful, and most diverse generation of consoles. Steve (R9cast) and Norma (Knuckleballer Radio and Zombiecast) come on board to discuss the beloved Xbox 360. They take a deep look at the console launch, launch titles, significant advances, hardware setbacks, and a bunch of other ups and downs in Microsoft's second, and currently most notable, console. Then Fred is joined by 42 Level One host Andy and Video Game Outsiders own Matt (@MattoMcFly) to reminisce on the Playstation 3. They look back...

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