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Cat & Fox - Episode 111 - Fukushusuru

Follow us on Twitter: @BurrLehane and @KitsuneNihon, Facebook:, Voicemail: 832-4-CATFOX. Featured on today's episode: Planetes, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, Pokemon Y, Little Witch Academia, Death Parade, and FFXIV's Hatchingtide

Cat & Fox - Episode 110 - Daifunshutsu

Apologies for the late archive post! Featured on today's episode: Kantai Collection Winter Event, Dagashi Kashi, Life is Strange, Yokai Watch, Final Fantasy XIV 3.2 patch, Black Desert Online, Pokken Tournament Arcade,

Cat & Fox - Episode 109 - Oshiri

Burr reviews the Valkyria Chronicles anime and Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS). Kantai Collection's Winter event is underway, so he recounts his progress and his rewards so far. He also gives his first
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Fox's Otakon 2014 Maid Cafe Review

10-09-2014 Hits:8590 Cat & Fox Blog Cat and Fox - avatar Cat and Fox

 Since last year’s Otakon maid cafe was an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, Cat and I made a point to attend again. We braved the long wait in line (about one and a half hours) to see what was new this time around. I was looking forward to any improvements or changes the cafe might have introduced this year. When we were allowed in, the maids gave their greeting of “Okaerinasaimase, goshujinsama!” (This phrase, which translates to “Welcome home, Master!”, is definitely authentic to the traditional Japanese maid cafe.) The fee again this year for entry was $10, with a $5 charge...

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Otakon 2014 Event Report

19-08-2014 Hits:4534 Cat & Fox Blog Burr - avatar Burr

Even though the basic concept is the same, every iteration of a convention has a different feel to it. If you read my review last year, Otakon went bigger in celebrating its 20th anniversary, pulling out all the stops in terms of special guests and exclusives, as well as taking stock of its history in inviting old friends. This year was a bit more subdued, partly because 2013 was such a hard act to follow, but also because of a major snafu to kick things off. First, let's go with what went right on Thursday, which is technically the day before...

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Fox's Review of the Otakon 2013 Maid Caf…

17-08-2013 Hits:9061 Cat & Fox Blog Kitsune - avatar Kitsune

When I heard about the maid cafe at Otakon 2012, I was pretty disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend. This year, Cat, my husband, and I made it a point to wait in line for the maid cafe’s second year at Otakon. I have to admit that it was certainly worth the wait!   Upon entry into the maid cafe, we were greeted by the maids, who said “Welcome home, Master and Mistress!” in Japanese! This was definitely a delightful surprise. After paying only $10 (maid cafes in Japan are typically more expensive), we were shown to our seats by one...

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Otakon 2013 Report

17-08-2013 Hits:10340 Cat & Fox Blog Burr - avatar Burr

When you've been at something for two decades and only keep getting bigger and better, you know you're doing something right. Otakon has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a Days Inn in Pennsylvania, exploding from a humble gathering of 300 or so to a horde of nearly 35,000 otaku taking over its current home in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. In fact, the convention has gotten so large that Otakorp has already announced a move to Washington, D.C.'s more spacious convention center for 2017's edition, despite some sentimental reluctance.   Otakon celebrated its 20th anniversary in style, for sure. They...

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Cat & Fox's Otakon Special!

14-08-2013 Hits:5347 Cat & Fox Blog Burr - avatar Burr

Tune in for our Otakon special! We'll be talking about everything we saw, from cosplay, anime, figures, panels, and press conferences! We'll also be airing our interviews with voice actors Todd Haberkorn (Natsu from Fairy Tail, Death the Kid from Soul Eater) and Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist). So be there Wednesday, August 14th at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific! Or check out the archive once it's posted!

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Cat & Fox is now on Stitcher!

25-01-2013 Hits:5180 Cat & Fox Blog Burr - avatar Burr

For those of our listeners on the go, there's now another way catch up on Cat & Fox. We're now on Stitcher! Download the app on your smartphone and check us out at the link below: {source}<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:120px;height:60px;border:0;overflow:hidden;" src=""></iframe>{/source}

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Is This A Great Anime? Yes!

06-12-2012 Hits:7840 Cat & Fox Blog Cat and Fox - avatar Cat and Fox

We just watched episodes 5 and 6 of Is This a Zombie last Anime Night and it continues to impress! Finally we got to see Eucliwood Hellscythe use her magic and it was suitably epic. Stay tuned for more next week hopefully if it wins the Anime Vote again. :)

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