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Arcade Outsiders

Arcade Outsiders

Sunday, 21 July 2013    Written by ArcadeOutsiders

A podcast about collecting, restoring, and repairing vintage arcade video game and pinball machines.

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  • homepage: www.arcadeoutsiders.com
  • rss feed: feeds.feedburner.com/arcadeoutsiders
  • Air Times: Tuesday 11pm ET/ 8pm PT

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  • Guest - brad

    Hey guys,you can get a perfect copy of THIEF sound samples at Twisty mame samples.It's under current samples.

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  • Guest - mike

    you should check out old starcade game show episodes you can see some of these games

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  • Guest - Turd polisher

    Please say someone has been recording this. John's drunken banter is frigging awesome!

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  • How do you listen to this shit

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  • Guest - Giuliano

    Hey John!
    First time listener. Love the youtube videos. Got me hooked. Keep it up.

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