PBG Podcast Episode 77

In which our heroes discuss the Suicide Squad Oscar win!, LOGAN -NO SPOILERS!, Shadow of Mordor and Assassin's Creed leaks, the new Xbox Pass and the free games for PSN Plus for March.  It's a packed house and a packed podcast!

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0 #1 Jannine 2017-03-09 05:17
I found the part where you discuss VR and the suspension of disbelief interesting because, Yasir, you essentially just described live theatre. A play, musical or dance show all face this challenge, but there are many tools and techniques that help to direct the audiences attention and eye focus.
Also, I did think the Deadpool teaser was a bit long but I still loved it. In fact, I think that the length may have even been a conscious choice. A) as Glenn said, it gives you time to look around, and B) it challenges the audience a little bit. I think that the whole point is to make you feel a slightly uncomfortable. If they didn't have that element for Deadpool in general I think he would just end up being too cartoonish.
On a side note - haha - Brian, the term midget is most definitely no longer used. The correct term is Little People, and I believe even Dwarf is more acceptable.

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