The Goon needs a video game, and so do these comics, too!

  • Written by Destructoid

I’m not a fan of “The Capes” when it comes to comic books, but I understand why they’re such an easy fit for video games. Superheroes are proactive investigators and brawlers with adventures based solely around their exploits. Their worlds are ready made, their rogues galleries are fully fleshed out, and their main goal is to excite the audience with thrills and spills.

So, for years it was pretty disheartening to know the comics I adored couldn’t get a foothold in the gaming industry, despite having the potential. It’s only until recently that, thanks to the success of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, the door opened a little for the leftfield titles. Granted, The Wolf Among Us worked because Bigby’s role as Fabletown’s sheriff was the perfect piggyback into his world -- investigators are an adventure gaming staple, allowing the audience play detective, solve puzzles woven into the narrative, and uncover mysteries -- but the fact Fables even had a game, quite late into its run, still knocks me for six. More importantly, it gives me hope.

Sure, not all cult comics need a video game. Just because you could, it doesn't mean you should (ask Blue Estate and Watchmen). But there are certain titles that could easily make that successful transition with the right developer. Maybe even expose them to a new audience, which is sort of why comics go for such licensing in the first place. Anyway, without further ado, here are some comics I’d like to see get a virtual spin-off. You know, because that’s what video game writers like to do when they’ve got a deadline to fulfil and their new workplace hampers that. Lists and shit, yeah?!

The Goon needs a video game, and so do these comics, too! screenshot