These Destiny Exotics Are Getting Year-Two Upgrades

  • Written by Gamespot

Bungie yesterday teased that a number of Destiny's Year One Exotic items will soon be getting upgraded, Year Two versions. Today, it's outlining which of those have made the cut.

Over on the official Destiny Instagram account, pictures are slowly being published revealing which Exotic weapons and armor will be available at levels that make them more viable for use in The Taken King. The items revealed so far follow below.


  • Mida Multi-Tool (scout rifle)
  • Plan C (fusion rifle)
  • Dragon's Breath (rocket launcher)
  • Super Good Advice (machine gun)


  • Nothing Manacles (Warlock gauntlets)
  • The Armamentarium (Titan chest)
  • ATS/8 Tarantella (Hunter chest)

Bungie's weekly update teased that some of these items "might even have some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees." At least for now, those new perks are being kept under wraps.

These Year Two versions will be added as part of the December update, and can be earned as you would any other Exotic items. They'll also be up for sale through the appropriate kiosks at the Tower, provided you've gotten your hands on the Year One versions before.

Bungie also promised that there will be two brand-new Exotic items that are exclusive to Year Two, but it hasn't indicated what those are. Meanwhile, December's update will also do quite a bit of rebalancing for the various weapon types.