Binding of Isaac's ARG is over, unlocks new character

  • Written by Destructoid

The craziness and drama surrounding the release of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth has been almost as fun as the game itself (which in my opinion is pretty damn fun). As reported two weeks ago, the initial launch of the expansion was accompanied by widespread confusion from the fanbase when it appeared that several items that were supposed to be included in it were not accessible. From there things quickly took a life of their own, and what seemed like a cheeky prank from a developer having a laugh at dataminers who spoiled his last big surprise was actually part of a much larger and complex scheme. An unbelievably complex ARG that included ciphers hidden in achievement pictures, cryptic tweets disguising clues, and creepy backwards voicemails in a complex breadcrumb trail of clues that eventually led a group of hardcore Isaac fans to a building in Santa Ana, California to dig up the truth.

Binding of Isaac's ARG is over, unlocks new character screenshot