Street Fighter 5 Beta Updated With Story-Driven Tutorial

  • Written by Gamespot

A video of a tutorial in Street Fighter 5 has appeared online, and it looks like Capcom is going to give the mode a twist by layering narrative into it.

The video, which you can see above, starts with a Ryu thinking back to his training, then cuts to Gouken teaching his disciple. Capcom has created classic costumes for both Ryu and Ken for this mode, as they look like their Alpha-era iterations--better known among fans as Floppy Hair Ryu and Ponytail Ken.

This mode looks to be distinct from the game's main story/arcade mode, where narrative is traditionally delivered. Instead it functions as a way to teach players the basics of gameplay, which can be applied to all characters. Capcom has not yet officially detailed the traditional story mode aspect of the game.

Fighting game website iPlayWinner reports the Street Fighter 5 beta has been updated to unlock this tutorial mode. So you can check it out yourself if you're in the beta.

Street Fighter 5's beta officially closed on October 25, but since then Capcom has sporadically allowed players access to it, at seemingly random intervals.

At Paris Games Week, Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono teased six new downloadable content characters who will be in the game. The characters will be unlockable via gameplay or microtransactions. Capcom has confirmed that all Street Fighter V gameplay DLC will be free for players who are willing to play enough.

The Street Fighter 5 release date has been confirmed as February 16, 2016. The last character announcement was for Dhalsim.