7th Dragon III Code: VDS is uncompromising, or I suck at video games

  • Written by Destructoid

As I spend the week demoing games that are entirely in Japanese, I accept that I'm not going to understand a lot of things. I know the kanji for "forest" and that's the extent of my fluency with the language. Dialogue's the first to go. Similarly, the likes of menus and items are mostly lost on me save for the times I can just sort of figure it out.

It can feel overwhelming when sitting down with an RPG. Given 25 minutes with 7th Dragon III Code: VDS, I had a slight fear that I wouldn't get to any combat. There was a chance in my mind that I would just wander in and out of shops or something without really realizing it. I could feasibly waste the entire time progressing nothing and not being any the wiser.

That scenario would've been far more merciful than what played out. Chapter 0 kicked my ass up and down so hard that I have to wonder if I missed something crucial, this game is devilishly hard, or I just really suck at video games.

After finding some sort of Alien-esque space pod to transplant myself into a virtual world, I was randomly attacked by two low-level creatures. "This is the beginning of the game. It's the first encounter. I got this." Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

7th Dragon III Code: VDS is uncompromising, or I suck at video games screenshot