Troubled Atari VCS project is 'deep into the final stages of pre-production'

  • Written by Destructoid

The development process of the Atari VCS has been a long, laboured one, but bosses insist that the crowdfunded console/PC hybrid is on target to meet the most recently announced release date of March 2020. A new Q&A was published on Medium by Atari VCS COO Michael Arzt, discussing the console's delays, communication problems, current state-of-play, and backer patience.

Arzt notes that Indiegogo backers - all of whom expected to receive their pre-release consoles in 2020 - will have to wait a little longer, but that they will get their consoles before the general public. "Our Indiegogo backers are extremely important to us, and the entire team and I would like to thank our backers once again for their loyalty and continued support," said Arzt. "Backers will definitely receive their Atari VCS systems before the general public. We will also try to come up with some kind of bonus to reward our backers for their patience."

On the subject of communication between the developer and the public, Arzt notes "We understand that all of our stakeholders would like to know where things stand every day and want immediate answers to their individual posts and messages. I respectfully ask them to please understand that, as a public company, we must follow specific protocols that are in place."

"In addition, because we also must always consider the needs and wishes of our various partners, we do not always have full control over the pace or timing of our communications. We aim to make periodic updates to our community with complete transparency. If there was one thing I’d want people to always know, it’s that “no news is good news” where the Atari VCS is concerned!"

Troubled Atari VCS project is 'deep into the final stages of pre-production' screenshot