Axl Low is back to brawl in Guilty Gear gameplay trailer

  • Written by Destructoid

Following on from their joyful May reveal, Arc System Works has released a short gameplay trailer for the next Guilty Gear release, this time around showing of the mad skills of time-hopping British fighter Axl Low.

A stalwart member of the Guilty Gear franchise, Axl leaps through time on a mission to return to his own timeline, located somewhere within the 20th Century. Armed with his trusty chained scythe, Axl has no problem with throwing down with all comers as he skips around the clock. An excellent ranged fighter, Axl frustrates opponents with long-distance pokes, anti-air attacks, and projectile-destroying defences. And looks damn slick while doing so.

The trailer also notes that New Guilty Gear's playable debut, set to take place at the ArcRevo World Tour Final 2019 in California on the weekend on November 16, will feature a six character demo. We already know of the inclusion on Axl, May, Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy, but who are the two other characters in attendance that weekend?

Axl Low is back to brawl in Guilty Gear gameplay trailer screenshot