Review: Draugen

  • Written by Destructoid

Graavik looks like a postcard. A small village nestled alongside a larger-than-life fjord, the town's pastoral architecture and scenic landscape combine to create an impossibly beautiful place. Anyone would be lucky to wind up here, amid an ancient valley and too-blue waters. But Graavik is empty. And as one of Draugen's main characters points out, from a distance, the idyllic village "looks like a place made for ghosts."

Draugen is a first-person exploration game about Teddy Harden, a self-serious bookworm, and Lissie, a 17-year-old girl with an adventurous spirit. The duo arrives in Graavik in hopes of tracking Teddy's younger sister, Betty, after her apparent disappearance. But what begins as a simple search for a missing sibling quickly becomes an exploration of grief and loneliness in a town full of secrets.

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