Watch Nintendo's 30-minute Nindies Showcase here

  • Written by Destructoid

So Nintendo is prepping another "Nindies Showcase" for us, and this one will be approximately 30 minutes, billed as the spring 2019 volley. It'll kick off shortly at 12PM ET.

No word was given as to what it'll actually entail, but with Behemoth's recent Castle Crashers Switch port reveal that's probably a safe bet for an officially official announcement, as is the potential release date of A Hat in Time Switch.

Due literally in the "spring" amid this spring 2019 showcase, A Hat in Time's Switch port saga has been a ride, with the developer aggressively downplaying the existence of the game on the system, then eventually confirming it, then stating that it's "coming soon" back in January of this year. We'll probably get at least one "out today' surprise and several "first on Switch" timed exclusivity deals. Bring it on!

Watch Nintendo's 30-minute Nindies Showcase here screenshot