Part seas of swarming rats in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Written by Destructoid

The first three chapters of A Plague Tale: Innocence paint a harrowing picture. Its vision of a 14th-century France is full of violence and death.  The Hundred Years' War and the Inquisition's looming shadow stand poised to unspool a world that's nearly coming undone. But worse than the dead bodies and blood in the streets are the rats. In A Plague Tale, there are so, so many rats. And they're all so, so hungry.

A Plague Tale, at least based off its opening hours, is just that: a story about survival during a plague of Biblical proportions. Amicia De Rune and her sickly younger brother Hugo find themselves alone, in danger, and desperately clinging to one another for safety after a raid on their family estate. As the elder De Rune, players have to navigate through plague-ravaged towns and sunken crypts in an ongoing search for shelter, all with the shellshocked Hugo in tow. It's a tough job—and on paper, a game built around a perpetual escort mission might even be a tough sell—but A Plague Tale hits hard and often. The game's early chapters have enough shocks and stress-inducing sequences to keep the pace rushing forward. And, of course, it has rats. You really shouldn't forget about the rats.

Part seas of swarming rats in A Plague Tale: Innocence screenshot