Review: Steins;Gate Elite

  • Written by Destructoid

Steins;Gate Elite is a remake of the original visual novel featuring artwork from the anime as well as a few other streamlined features. There's some give and take with what this new version offers, but it's largely the same classic experience that it's always been.

Okabe Rintaro fancies himself to be a “mad scientist” and often talks about thwarting the plans of a massive sinister force that he refers to as The Organization. He is a completely self-absorbed dork who pretends to have conversations with an empty dial tone on his phone, and it almost always gets a laugh out of me when he spouts his ridiculous conspiracy theories, complete with absurd code names that don't actually mean anything outside of vague references to Norse mythology.

With the help of his misfit group of lab members, he accidentally discovers a way to travel into the past. Sending a physical person through time raises a ton of questions about possible complications, but this starts off with the premise of sending something much more believable: data.

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