Review: GRIS

  • Written by Destructoid

Are Games Art?

Cool your jets, I'm not going down that route. Do people still care about the answer to that question? Maybe they do. I sure don't - just games, innit? Sometimes they're great, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes they pick you up, and other times they slam you down. They can be both creatively genius and creatively bankrupt, original or derivative and, very occasionally, they transcend their own media as a masterpiece. As long as they keep coming out - and we get plenty of good ones - who cares, really?

But I bring it up as today I'm reviewing GRIS, a new title from Spanish developer Nomada Studios and published by those naughty scamps at Devolver Digital, always with an eye out for the weird and wonderful titles in video gaming. GRIS is most definitely the type of game to make folk stroke their chins, look to the skies, and muse: "Are games art?" But, while they do that, let's you and me take a journey through Nomada's mysterious watercolour world.

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