Review: Titans (Season 1)

  • Written by Destructoid

There comes a point in one's life where they become disillusioned with the world and their surroundings, and when one's optimism and idealism become cynicism and nihilism. In Titans, that disillusionment is a constant in a world that appears to be defined by misery and violence.

The promotional material gave off "dark" and "edgy" vibes, like the idea of what a child would consider to be "adult" and "mature." After viewing screeners of the first three episodes of Titans, I'm willing to give it some more credit than what I initially did. But the more I heard characters like Robin, Hawk, and others drop swear words and commit acts of horrific violence, the more the show felt like exploitative schlock.

Perhaps the best compliment (or insult, depending on what you think of it) is that Titans is DC's own Riverdale, a darker version of otherwise brighter comic characters—though Titans certainly has the luxury of less content censorship.

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