Review: The Predator

  • Written by Destructoid

I came into The Predator with no real reverence for the series—I had seen the original film a long time ago, caught Predators on cable television once, and all I know about Predator 2 is that Gary Busey is in it.

Instead, I watched the film as a fan of director and co-writer Shane Black's filmography. After writing 1980s buddy cop classics like Lethal Weapon, Black directed what I consider to be an "Incompetent Buddy Detective Trilogy" consisting of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, and The Nice Guys. When it was announced that Black, who acted in the first Predator, would direct a new Predator movie, I was confused yet intrigued by what the final product might be.

The Predator is a total fucking mess, and easily the worst film that Shane Black has directed thus far. And it doesn't even take place during Christmas.

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