Sea Of Thieves Sets Guinness World Record For Human Cannonball Stunt

  • Written by Gamespot

When it comes to promoting new games, publishers typically don't hold back with their marketing efforts. But for Microsoft's first new IP of the year, Sea of Thieves took things to a whole new level. To celebrate the game's upcoming March 20th release, Xbox teamed up with stuntman, David "The Bullet" Smith, to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Distance Travelled as a Human Cannonball.

Live on Microsoft's streaming platform Mixer, Smith was fired out of the "Xbox Pirate Blaster," a 34-foot-long cannon that accelerated him from 0 to about 60 mph in one-fifth of a second. Following the attempt, the official Guinness World Records' Twitter account congratulated Xbox and Sea of Thieves on their "explosively successful" stunt and new world record.

"The Bullet" earned his nickname throughout his 11 year career as a human cannonball, performing over 5000 stunts around the world. Smith bills himself as "the highest flying human cannonball in the world today," and given Microsoft's promotion around the record attempt, it comes as little surprise to see him succeed.

Among the things you can do in Sea of Thieves is fire yourself (or other players) out of cannons in order to reach islands faster or sneak aboard enemy vessels. To see more additional features coming with the game's full release, check out our gallery detailing 10 reasons why we're excited for Sea Of Thieves. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will set sail on Xbox One and PC on March 20, the same day the game goes on sale at retail.