New Fortnite Update Coming Tomorrow

  • Written by Gamespot

A new update is on the way very soon for Fortnite. On the game's official Twitter account, developer Epic announced it will deploy patch 3.3 tomorrow, March 14, which will introduce new content for both the free-to-play Battle Royale and the paid early access Save the World modes.

Epic hasn't detailed exactly what will be available in the new update, but the developer did tease that players will be able to come across a Supply Llama in Battle Royale, which will aid them by dropping helpful items when found. The update may also include remote explosives, a newly revealed item that players will be able to detonate from a distance.

One thing we likely won't see in update 3.3, however, are jetpacks. The items were originally slated to arrive in Battle Royale last month; however, Epic ultimately delayed them due to a "last minute design issue" that the developer discovered when playtesting the jetpacks internally. There is still no word as of yet about when the jetpack will be added to Battle Royale, but Epic has introduced other items in the meantime, such as the hunting rifle.

Epic says it will reveal exact timing details for the new Fortnite patch "soon." Until then, players still have a little more time to take part in Battle Royale's latest limited-time mode, Teams of 20. Like a typical match, the mode features 100 players, except this time they're divided up into five teams of 20.

Epic recently announced it is bringing Fortnite: Battle Royale to mobile. Those with iOS devices can now sign up for a chance to take part in an exclusive invite event. If you're curious to see how the game runs on mobile, you can check out the first gameplay footage of Fortnite on iOS here.