New Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Detailed For This Week, PC Version Delayed

  • Written by Gamespot

Ubisoft is getting ready to release the fourth big content update for Ghost Recon Wildlands tomorrow, but one platform will be MIA. The company says that due to some last-minute issues, the PC version has been delayed. The "New Assignment" update is still coming to PS4 and Xbox One as planned. The update adds three new classes for Ghost War, two new maps, and a map-voting tool.

The three classes are the Trapper, Stalker, and Guerrilla. The Trapper is a sniper class that can use knock-out traps from a distance and passively marks downed enemies on his teammates' HUD. The Stalker is another sniper type, with the passive ability of giving off no sound indicators from a far enough distance, and not notifying enemies who have been marked. The Guerrilla is a support class with a drone equipped with smoke grenades, which can provide temporary cover or blind an enemy in a pinch.

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It will also introduce two new maps for Extraction mode: Refinery and Cliffside. Alongside those is the new map-voting tool, which will allow players to vote on one of three maps at the start of a match. The maps presented will always show three different game modes, as well as time of day and weather settings.

These updates come alongside a cache of tweaks and bug fixes, as well as an in-game t-shirt to celebrate the game's first anniversary. The PC version is still coming, naturally. Ubisoft promised to "let you know as soon as possible when the update will be available for PC," and apologized for the inconvenience.