Tomb Raider Movie: What You Need To Know

  • Written by Gamespot

Video game adaptations have a checkered history, which makes it easy to cast a skeptical eye on Tomb Raider, the latest take on the classic franchise. Even big-budget adaptations like Prince of Persia have fizzled, and other game adaptation are downright infamous.

In the above video, we take a closer look at all the elements that may set this one apart. As games have become more cinematic and told more personal stories, they've become a closer match for movies. Unlike the successful but campier Angelia Jolie films, this version of Tomb Raider is based on the gritty 2013 reboot. That makes this Lara a younger woman who finds herself out of her element and forced to survive against a hostile environment and even more hostile mercenaries.

To take on this role, the director tapped Alicia Vikander, most known for her roles in The Danish Girl and Ex Machina. Vikander talks about her training for the physicality of the role, which made liberal use of MMA fighters and giant mattresses. All that went into transforming the actress to believably take on the challenges her character was faced with. Finally, director Roar Uthuag gives his insights about how characterization is the key to avoiding the fate of so many other video game adaptations.

Our review is coming soon, but in the meantime, take a look at all that went into making this film--including a near shot-for-shot remake of one famous scene from the 2013 game. The movie will hit theaters on March 16.