Monster Hunter World Adding Devil May Cry Costume And Weapons

  • Written by Gamespot

Capcom has unveiled a new crossover costume for Monster Hunter World. Coinciding with the release of Devil May Cry HD Collection, the publisher announced a set of Devil May Cry-inspired gear for the monster-slaying co-op game, which will allow players to dress their hunters like Dante. You can watch the fittingly bizarre announcement trailer for the gear above.

Along with Dante's distinctive leather coat and hair, players can get his sword, the Force Edge. The sword falls under the Charge Blade category in Monster Hunter World, though it functions a bit differently from others of its kind. Where other Charge Blades typically come with a shield that can be combined with the sword into a giant axe, the Force Edge eschews a shield completely (although Capcom says you'll still be able to guard while it's equipped), and it can instead turn into a giant Alastor.

Capcom hasn't detailed when the Dante gear will be available in Monster Hunter World, but players will have to craft it with the materials earned from completing a related Event Quest, as has been the case with the other crossover costumes in the game. Unlike the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn gear, the Devil May Cry armor will be available to all Monster Hunter World players on PS4 and Xbox One.

This reveal coincides with the launch of Devil May Cry HD Collection, which is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is a re-release of the 2012 HD Collection, which assembled the first three Devil May Cry titles together into one package. "The HD Collection is a solid way to experience the original games for those that haven't already," GameSpot critic Alessandro Fillari said of the compilation. You can read more in our Devil May Cry HD Collection impressions.

In addition to the Devil May Cry gear, Capcom has previously announced a set of Street Fighter costumes for Monster Hunter World. PS4 players who had save data for Street Fighter V had a chance to get the Ryu armor early, although it will return again at a later date for all Monster Hunter World players. The second Horizon event quest, meanwhile, is available right now until March 15 exclusively for the PS4 version. You can find out exactly how to unlock Aloy's armor and bow in our guide.