Two New Xbox One Games Now Backwards Compatible

  • Written by Gamespot

Microsoft has again expanded the lineup of backwards compatible games on Xbox One. Two more Xbox 360 titles are now playable on the current-gen console, and they're fairly big-name games.

First up is Mafia II, the 2011 sequel to 2K Games' original Mafia from 2002. It's an open-world action game in the basic mold of Grand Theft Auto, but it's perhaps most notable for its mid-20th century setting. Also now playable is 2006's Prey, not to be confused with last year's game of the same name (which otherwise bears no connection to the 2006 title). It's a first-person shooter that tells the story of a Cherokee who is abducted by aliens.

If you already own a physical copy of these games, you can simply pop it into your Xbox One to initiate a download and start playing. Alternatively, if you own digital copies, you can find them waiting in the Ready to Download area of the My Games and Apps section on the console. They're also both available for purchase on the Xbox Store. As with Splinter Cell: Conviction when it was added to the backwards compatibility library last week, they're also currently discounted as part of this week's Xbox game deals.

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These are just the latest 360 games to be made playable on Xbox One. A small handful of original Xbox games were made backwards compatible late last year, although those will be added to the list much less frequently. For a look at everything that's playable, check out our roundup of all the Xbox One backwards compatible games.