Last Chance To Catch Pokemon Go's Current Legendary, Kyogre

  • Written by Gamespot

The Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza may have just arrived in Pokemon Go, but another Gen 3 Legendary is on its way out very soon. The cover monster from Pokemon Sapphire, Kyogre, will disappear from the mobile game on February 14, making this your last opportunity to catch one if you still haven't.

Like most other Legendaries to appear in Pokemon Go thus far, Kyogre can only be encountered as a Raid Battle at Gyms. You'll first need to battle and defeat the Pokemon before you have an opportunity to capture it. As one of the most powerful Water-types in Pokemon Go, players will want to bring Electric- and Grass-type Pokemon such as Jolteon, Zapdos, and Exeggutor to gain the advantage over Kyogre.

Kyogre was the second Gen 3 Legendary to arrive in Pokemon Go, following Groudon, which appeared in the game from December to January. Along with Rayquaza, the three Legendaries make up what is informally known as the "weather trio." Rayquaza will be available as a Raid Battle until March 16.

Alongside Rayquaza, Pokemon Go developer Niantic recently introduced another wave of Gen 3 Pokemon to the mobile game, which consists primarily of Flying- and Dragon-types, such as Salamence, Altaria, and Tropius. With this most recent batch, more than 100 Gen 3 Pokemon have now been added to Pokemon Go. To celebrate this milestone, every wild Pokemon that players encounter until February 3 will originate from the Hoenn region.

Pokemon Go's next Community Day takes place later this month, on February 24. Like last month's event, which featured a Pikachu that can use Surf, the upcoming Community Day will give players a short window of opportunity to capture a rare Pokemon with a special move. Niantic hasn't revealed which move that will be yet, but the Pokemon in question is the Dragon-type Dratini.