(Update) Swery's The Good Life failed on Fig, so he's gonna try Kickstarter

  • Written by Destructoid

[Update: Fig has sent us a reply to explain things from its perspective. A Fig representative says that the company advised as to the risks of such a high goal, but that Swery "unfortunately still decided to go for the $1.5 million." Also, the email wasn't sent prematurely, but rather part of Fig's Backstage Pass program where investors are given an early heads-up about projects that are soon to be announced. The recipients are told the emails are confidential, but most everyone involved expected this one would probably leak given Swery's passionate fan base.

Fig's representative also added "We love Swery, and we're all really sad this didn't hit the goal."]

[Original story:] Barring a surprise injection of approximately $950,000 in the next five hours, Swery's crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life is going to fail. Over a stretch of 40 days, the campaign managed to raise something around $556,000 at time of writing. That really can't be considered anything other than a disappointment, as it's merely 37 percent of the $1.5 million goal.

Swery isn't giving up, though. In a lengthy post on Twitter, he explains all the things this first push got wrong. Here's the tweet (the message is spread across three of the images):

(Update) Swery's The Good Life failed on Fig, so he's gonna try Kickstarter screenshot