Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Beta Ends, Here's What's Changing

  • Written by Gamespot

After a brief extension, the Star Wars: Battlefront II multiplayer beta wrapped up this week. Now, developer DICE has published a blog post in which it talks about what it learned from the beta and how the final game may be different as a result of the feedback.

DICE did not say exactly how many people played the beta, only noting that it was in the "millions." More than 9 million people played the beta for 2015's Battlefront, which at the time was a record for the company. Whatever the case, DICE surely has a lot of feedback to consider from the Battlefront II beta.

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The developer will be looking at things like Battlefront II's controversial Crate system and progression overall. DICE also is eyeing changes for the Strike mode with the idea of making it a best-of-three gametype. The studio also said that the Specialist's Infiltration ability is probably too overpowered right now, so you can expect a nerf for launch. What's more, the First Order Flametrooper is underpowered, DICE said.

Outside of those changes, DICE is also looking to implement systems that allow players to stay grouped together during a match. As an incentive, at launch, Battlefront II will reward players for spawning together.

Regarding Crates and progression, which has been criticized for trending towards pay-to-win, DICE first pointed out that the beta contained an incomplete look at how this will work. The studio promised more tuning over time, with one major goal being that the most powerful items can only be earned through gameplay, not by spending money. For lots more on this topic, check out GameSpot's further coverage here.

"Your feedback makes a difference, and your passion is what keeps us creating," DICE said. "We'll have much more to share with you before we see you on the battlefront in November."

Battlefront II launches on November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This week, EA confirmed that EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will get to start playing the game early through a Play First Trial.