Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike Guide: Inverted Spire Now Available With These Modifiers

  • Written by Gamespot

The first weekly reset for Destiny 2 has occurred, bringing with it a new Nightfall. This one features The Inverted Spire Strike--which you might remember from the Destiny 2 beta--and it's available right now until September 19.

As was established with last week's Nightfall, the Power recommendation is 240 and a time limit is in place. For this week, the modifiers are Timewarp: Rings and Prism. Timewarp: Rings allows you to increase the time limit by jumping through rings you'll encounter. Prism rotates through elements on a regular basis during the Strike, increasing the amount of damage you do when using that element (and reducing the damage done by others). This was bugged during the first week, as the notification for the chosen element was not remaining on-screen as intended. However, the Momentum modifier that was set to be used this week is even more broken, hence the return of Prism.

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One notable change from last week's Nightfall is that you now don't have to form a group yourself. A beta version of the Guided Games feature is now available in a beta following the longer-than-expected server maintenance period, allowing you to seek out a Clan to play through the Nightfall with.

A newly released Destiny 2 hot fix update resolves a bug with the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic quest and enables the Clan roster in-game. For more on the game, check out our latest entry in our Destiny 2 review diary.