Sky Is The New iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Game From Journey Dev Thatgamecompany

  • Written by Gamespot

Journey developer thatgamecompany has revealed a new game for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPhone called Sky. During Apple's keynote, Jenova Chen appeared on stage to discuss the game, which bears some striking similarities to Journey and Flower.

Sky is a multiplayer social game where up to eight players from around the world can come together to explore the world above the clouds. Players take control of the Children of Light, and their goal is to bring the light "where it is needed the most." This, based on the short gameplay video, is done through exploring and finding hidden areas.

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For those playing on Apple TV, everything can be done with one finger using the Siri Remote. This, according to Chen, makes Sky incredibly approachable to everyone. Sky will have an orchestral soundtrack and, thanks to the 810X fusion chip on the new Apple TV, looks beautiful. Sky is scheduled to launch "this winter."

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