Fifteen minutes with Dusk just isn't enough

  • Written by Destructoid

There's a lyric on Beach Slang's second album that sounds like it could be Dusk's mantra. "Play it loud, play it fast. Play me something that will always last," howls singer James Alex. Though the request is simple, it's a loaded gun. The band's growling sound channels the Replacements' sonic angst, unleashing it in a single line that challenges rock music's softening edges while rekindling punk's essence: fast, raw, and eternally driven by attitude.

Dusk carries that attitude, just in a different form. The upcoming first-person shooter wears its influences on its sleeves. It's unabashedly fast with an old-school look that serves as a nod to a bygone era. But instead of treading on nostalgia-worn territory, Dusk hits you like a sack of bricks, as if the game has something to prove. 

Fifteen minutes with Dusk just isn't enough screenshot