New Xbox One/PC Features, Including Custom Gamerpics, Coming Soon For Insiders

  • Written by Gamespot

Microsoft has announced a wide range of features it will release in the coming weeks for "select" Xbox Insider members on Xbox One and Windows 10.

These include some additions that Microsoft has been talking about for quite some time, including Arena, which allows Xbox Live users to participate in tournaments--in this case, for World of Tanks. Profiles will also show a user's Arena tournament history and any upcoming tournaments, as well as a button allowing to join that person's broadcast if they happen to have one going.

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Custom gamerpics finally make a comeback, allowing you to set a custom image from your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, or mobile device. However, unlike many of the other features outlined by Microsoft today, this is one that will "be in preview longer than other features to ensure it's great for everyone when released."

Clubs and LFG both expand, allowing you to see detailed information about players trying to join your LFG party; search for LFG posts related directly to an Achievement; and pin posts to the top of the Club feed. In your Activity Feed, you can hide specific posts, pin posts to the top, and filter by several things (friends, games, or clubs).

New filter tools are also on the way for the My Games and Apps section, allowing you to look exclusively at Xbox One or Xbox 360 games in your library. Microsoft will also add captive portal support for Wi-Fi and, on Windows 10, the ability to select audio input and output devices for Party chat, which has frustratingly been impossible up until now.

All of the new features, which are detailed in full in an Xbox Wire post, will arrive in the next few weeks for certain Xbox Insider members. There's no proper release date for when everyone else will get their hands on them, but the Creators Update is due out sometime this spring. It removes Snap mode and introduces new Guide and Home screens.