Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Patch Addresses Sound, Keyboard Issues

  • Written by Gamespot

Ahead of the game's full release tomorrow, a new patch has arrived for the PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda that addresses some of the issues players have been encountering.

Specifically, this update targets problems with black screens caused by a conflict with the Corsair Utility Engine (used for managing certain Corsair accessories, like keyboards and headsets), sound issues in multiplayer, and F-keys not functioning properly in multiplayer. That's according to producer Fernando Melo, who shared the details on Twitter (via PC Gamer).

Additionally, as of yesterday, server-side fixes were on the way to resolve a problem where certain Challenges could not be completed.

One thing you shouldn't expect to see resolved--at least on launch day--are the animation issues that have been the object of a great deal of ridicule over the past few days. With players getting their hands on Andromeda through EA Access and Origin Access, numerous bugs and animation gaffes have surfaced, but BioWare has said fixes for the latter won't be available at launch.

GameSpot's Andromeda review is now live and makes note of the issues we ran into, none of which "rendered the game unplayable, but they were noticeable and pervasive." Also be sure to check out our new documentary series on the making of Andromeda.