Here's 14 Minutes Of Lords Of The Fallen Dev's New Action Game, The Surge

  • Written by Gamespot

A new trailer for Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13's new action-RPG, The Surge, has come online. The extended, in-depth video shows off 14 minutes of gameplay, featuring commentary from developers at the German studio. This is one of the best looks we've seen of the game so far.

As you'll see, The Surge has a focus on melee combat. You are equipped with an exo-suit of sorts, and can can target specific body parts of your enemies. Once you defeat an enemy, you can acquire their items and weapons and use them yourself. Additionally, all the weapons in the game have different "finishing sequences," some of which look pretty brutal. This video also spotlights the game's upgrades menus and wraps up with a pretty cool action sequence; check out the full video below.

The Surge will be published by Farming Simulator company Focus Home Interactive. The game comes out this May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In other news about Deck 13, it has been confirmed that the German studio will not be involved in the upcoming Lords of the Fallen sequel.