Archer Season 8 Trailer Takes The Show To Dreamland

  • Written by Gamespot

Acher: Dreamland is the show's eighth season, coming to FX's sister network on April 5, 2017.

Season 7 ended on a cliffhanger, and it looks like Season 8 will be departing from the show's main plotline to tell a side-story about Archer as a hardboiled private eye.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Archer is on the hunt for his murderous ex-partner Woodhouse, Mallory plays "the biggest mobster in L.A., and Lana will take the role of a nightclub performer.

Show producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson say Archer will meet alter-ego versions of the Archer characters you know and love over the course of the Dreamland season.

Back in October, Reed said Archer will end after season 10, and in September Obsidian Entertainment's Josh Sawyer likened the show to Alpha Protocol.