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Justice League Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed for Justice League movie review is Ms. H’s only, and do not represent those of There are spoilers in this Justice League movie review.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the Justice League Movie

Wonder Woman had numerous appearances in the Justice League movie.  In fact,  the director used her appearance in just about every movie scene.  It was an intelligent decision to have Wonder Woman display her talents in the Justice League movie, even if sometimes all she did was pose on the Statue of Liberty in New York City.  Hats off to Gal Gadot on her performance; however, unfortunately featuring Wonder Woman a lot was not enough to save the Justice League movie.  To Wonder Woman's credit, all of her roles in the Justice League movie were performed almost to perfection, so she is not to blame for the Justice League failure as a superhero movie. justice league 2 warner brosAs you watch the Justice League movie, you may think the movie is a mini-Wonder Woman movie.  You get to see Wonder Woman doing some of her exciting movie stunts just as she did in her record breaking movie -- Wonder Woman. Of course, some of the stunts could have been done by stunt performers.   During one fight in the movie, you will even hear the familiar music ensemble play when Wonder Woman breaks into her action scenes.  Subconsciously, you may find yourself looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot appear as Wonder Woman throughout the movie.

In the movie Justice League, Wonder Woman was Batman’s right hand “woman” so to speak.   As mentioned previously in my Justice League movie review, she appeared in just about every movie  scene. Even her mother Hippolyta played by Connie Nielson had an impressive part.  Her mother’s fighting style was stellar; however,  it is far-fetched that she could send a flaming arrow from her island location in the sky to get the attention of her daughter, Wonder Woman  -- who is now on earth.  Just as the other characters, you will sometimes see Wonder Woman without her Wonder Woman outfit on. However, even though Wonder Woman was not wearing her costume in some of the scenes, she still exuded independence and power in Justice League by her presence. I must add the negative of the writer/director adding in the movie an island of males called Atlanteans which to me had no basis in this movie.justice league wonder woman batman 1033213 640x320

Ben Affleck as Batman in the Justice League Movie

It is obvious  the leader of this alliance is Batman with Wonder Wonder second in command.  The problem with Ben Affleck is sometimes he talked in a deep voice, and in others he talked normal.  The director should have determined which voice Ben Affleck should use to add some sort of voice consistency in the movie. That being said, the writer gave him a line that was an insult to Wonder Wonder when Ben Affleck as Batman asked her if her boyfriend Steve Trevor told her to say a certain sentence.   Later on in the movie he sort of apologized for saying what he did; however, the damage had already been done.  Words can sometimes hurt, and it was plain to see that Wonder Woman did not take too kindly to his words -- especially when she was doing more than equal her part to fight the seemingly indestructible enemy. Who knows?  Maybe the Justice League movie would have fared better if Wonder Woman was the leader.  By the way, later in the movie, Batman insulted Aquaman because he used a pitchfork. Ben Affleck as Batman in the Justice League movie was given the leadership role, and he played his part adequately, except for the slip of the tongue when talking to Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League

Not to throw shade on this character -- my problem with Aquaman is that he is supposedly the king of water and its inhabitants.  I was confused as to why he was flying around with the other superheroes in scenes where there was no water involved.  He had an action filled scene where he protected the team by shielding them against a huge embankment of water; however, other times he displayed super powers that did not involve water.  A major fail in Aquaman’s part in the Justice League movie that I must point out in my Justice League movie review was when he helped Wonder Woman physically pull down the enemy with her lasso.  It was actually strange to see someone holding on to Wonder Woman’s lasso with her -- like she was not strong enough to control her own lasso. The positive of having Aquaman in the Justice League movie is he is not a character you see often in superhero movies, so at least this character got some exposure.

 landscape 1490796986 justice league trailer wonder woman aquaman cyborg

Ray Fisher  as Cyborg in Justice League Movie

Apparently Cyborg got his superpowers as well as robotic form from an accident.  Initially, he is shown in the movie brooding about being different and even pretending to not be alive to others.  In the zeal of showing his super powers which apparently include reading transparent documentation between his two metal-robotic  hands, the writer/director neglected to show how people reacted in knowing that he is indeed alive. Of the superheroes, he and Aquaman were the ones I was not sure exactly what their powers were whether it was flying, having great strength, etc.

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League Movie

Flash was the comic relief of the movie, even though I must admit some of his jokes were sort of lame.  You probably saw the movie preview where he recognizes the Batman symbol in the sky then sheepishly acts like he didn’t see it in the first place.  I heard a few chuckles from the movie audience when he said a few lines, but for the most part he almost became annoying as you anticipate that whatever he says is supposed to be funny.  

gal gadot batman vs superman2

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League movie

You probably saw the preview where Superman is talking to his girlfriend Lois Lane in a corn field.  Yes, by some strange magic that had to do with special blocks and Flash’s energy bolts, Superman is brought back to life.  After he was brought back to life, you knew that in one of the action scenes you would see Superman appear.  In the previous Justice League movie, Superman was demolished by Batman; however, according to Batman, Superman is needed to help save the world. The return of Superman should have been a separate story onto itself, and should have been shown in a completely different movie.  To me, It was enough to have Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman as members on the Justice League team -- even though Aquaman probably could have been replaced with another superhero and Superman could have been left out.

In the Justice League movie, Lois Lane did not act surprised that the once deceased Superman is now alive. On the other hand, Superman’s mother did a good job of showing how she felt about having her son alive again when they met in the corn field.  A Superman scene that was one of the highlights of the movie was when he was resurrected, he didn’t know who he was, so initially he lashed out and fought his team mates before finding out they were not his enemy. That being said, I think the Justice League team would have been just fine without Superman and Aquaman.

Assessment of Justice League Movie

I was ready to rank the Justice League movie high, similar to the movies I’ve reviewed recently such as Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok.  I think the Justice League movie got off to a good action start, but there were repetition in the action scenes.  In every scene, the Justice League members were fighting the same enemies.  During the first fight, I thought the enemy was destroyed but he kept returning back for fights throughout the Justice League movie -- which grew tiresome after awhile. I would give Justice League a higher rating if some of the fight scenes did not look repetitious.  I also think the intelligence of the audience was undermined when a rocket ship that was facing one direction, made a u-turn to travel in the opposite direction, I guess just because it looked like an eye-catching effect.  My question would be why wouldn't the rocket ship be placed in the right direction to begin with.  On a positive note, the fight scenes were choreographed well especially those featuring Wonder Woman, and it was interesting to see Batman use some of his gigantic machinery to fight the enemy.  

That being said, my ranking of the Justice League movie would have been higher if there were one or two “big boss” fights in the movie against the enemy instead of many; if Ben Affleck did not speak the disparaging remark about Steve Trevor to Wonder Woman; if Aquaman would stay in the water environment he is supposed to have power over; if the “funny” lines by Flash were reduced or eliminated and most importantly, if the side story of Superman coming back to life was saved for another movie instead of incorporating it in the Justice League movie.  In short -- DC movie studios should realize that sometimes less is more.

Rating of Justice League Movie

Based on a rating of 1 - 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rank the Justice League movie 3 stars.


Murder on the Orient Express - A Ms. H Movie Review

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction:  I must admit, Murder on the Orient Express is a movie I have been waiting to come to the theaters.  Who does not like to solve mysteries? The previews hinted at what was going to be a great movie and caused me to want to see more. Murder on the Orient Express has an impressive cast of characters as well.  Don’t worry. I will not divulge any spoilers in my movie review.  I’ll leave it up to you to watch the movie and take in the sequence of events as they are revealed to you.oscar profile murder on the orient express

Cast of Characters of Murder on the Orient Express

The actors who make up the cast for this movie look as if they were hand-picked for their parts. In fact, I did not see any actor who seemed out of place in his or her role.  Of course the lead character played by Kenneth Branagh personified his character in such a way that you would think if there is any mystery to be solved, he would be the one to do it.fullsizeoutput 10e8

Wardrobe and Setting of the Orient Express

From the movie trailer, you can see where it looked like everyone was decked out in their finest duds. Just a minor precaution -- Some of the actors seemed to talk rather quickly, so when you see this movie, keep your ears open.  Regarding the scenery -- I liked that the director did not use the familiar beige-colored hued background lighting to let you know it is a period film. Regular lighting worked well and showed the actors and the setting in a realistic light. I  especially enjoyed watching the train moving against the snow covered environment.  

fullsizeoutput 10df

Assessment of Murder on the Orient Express

As you watch this movie, you probably will not be able to refrain from guessing who committed the murder on the orient express.  As you do, don’t forget to notice the authentic-like surroundings in the movie as well as the aesthetics of the landscape as you try to crack the case. All in all, I think Murder on the Orient Express is well worth your time and money to see in the movie theaters.

Rating of Murder on the Orient Express

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Murder on the Orient Express 4 stars.

Thank you for Your Service - A Ms. H Movie Review

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of


I planned to see this movie because I didn’t really know what it would be about.  I saw the previews and the scene that stood out to me was when the intake person asked the actor Miles Teller if there was something that he should be telling her. Since the look he gave her was puzzling, I wanted to see the movie to find out what he could possibly be hiding.   Check out my movie review to find out more.

fullsizeoutput 107b

Title of the Movie - Thank You for Your Service

By the title, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what this movie would be about.  Just about every war movie could use this same title, since the characters are performing actions they should be thanked for. However, I think the title was too generic.  A more accurate title out of many that would fit this movie could have been Trauma is War, Life after War, or something to that effect.

769341148 5481990127001 5481979904001 vs

Acting Abilities of the Characters

I believe the story that was the backbone of the movie was not demonstrated or told in a way to involve the audience or to make anyone curious about the characters. In fact, as soon as the movie ended, I quickly left my seat and headed out of the theater. There was nothing really enticing about the movie that would have propelled me to sit there longer.  To me, the characters did not stretch their acting ranges to show the despair, pain, suffering and utter helplessness that one must have felt in the situation they found themselves in.

In this movie, there was slight suspense, little action and very minor character development.  I knew that Miles Teller was the main character, but when he was in his scenes, I expected someone even bigger to step unto the screen.  Sadly, even though he was carrying the movie, he struck me as more of an extra -- instead of the main character.

Regarding suspense, there was a smidgen of it, but not much.  The writer held on to the big reveal until the end of the movie which involved exactly what happened in Iraq that contributed to these soldiers’ conditions. Towards that end, I think Miles Teller as well as the other character held back in showing what their characters were really going through. When you act, sometimes anger and despair can be seen in good actors’ facial expressions, rather than by violent actions. Sady, this was not shown in the movie.  

thanks wide aa372e91ac1bd5bef5a4b2685cf38de43e2a0a27 s900 c85

War scenes in Thank You for Your Service

I expected more in depth war scenes or even more war action in Thank You For Your Service --  which did not happen.  To its credit, the movie was a reasonable length; however, I felt that actions may have been stretched to fill up the short movie timeframe.

 Dialogue Between the Characters

When the husband and wife had a conversation in front of the intake counselor, I felt this conversation in real life happened after they left the office. Maybe the set designer didn’t want to fix up another scene --  so the husband and wife were left talking to each other in front of the counselor.  It was awkward and seemed out of place that the counselor would be in their presence as they talked at length to each other, without her saying anything to either of them.

thank you for your service movie trailer large 8

Assessment of Thank You For Your Service

I expected a deeper examination of the main character which was not delivered.  I felt like the director-writer knew the movie lacked suspense, so he probably exaggerated scenes when it looked like the movie was slow-moving.  At the height of the suspense, one of the soldiers hid behind a car while being stalked by criminals. Whatever happened between hearing and seeing police sirens and watching him walk out from his hidden location was not shown.  There was a cutscene where the character who seemed to be in great danger before, simply walked back to his buddy’s waiting, parked truck.

There was also hyped up  drama when one of the soldiers now a civilian was called to quickly come to the hospital because of an emergency with his wife. There was no drama there either. In this movie, there seemed to be plenty of loose ends where expert movie making skills were not used to fill in the gaps.  Some of the gaps were as mentioned earlier -- what happened in the dark area before the police drove by and the soldier was being stalked; what happened to the injured dog when the wife said it could not be kept there because of the children and most importantly, what happened to the main character, Miles Teller regarding his needed treatment when he gave up his seat for his buddy. Even the narrative at the end of the movie was abbreviated and did not answer these questions fully. The good news was I found out the reason behind Miles Teller’s mysterious look that I saw during the previews; however,  the bad part was I had to sit through the whole movie to find out.

Rating of Thank You For Your Service

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars -- I rate the true stories of veterans 5 stars -- however I rate this particular movie I saw -- 2 stars.

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