Mom's Minute 9-22-2014

Pinball Wizard by Elton John musically kicks out this special 119th edition of Mom's Minute Video Game Show which has a pinball theme.  Ms. H of Mom's Minute welcomes everyone and was excited to hear from  listeners who had plenty of excellent questions lined up for the special guest, Bobby King, developer and vice-president of FarSight Studios. The video game featured was Pinball Arcade which garned lots of inquires from the listeners. Discussion followed on  Ms. H first pinball game played as well as if Ms. H had a favorite table on Pinball Arcade video game.  Ms. H revealed she enjoyed playing the Twilight Zone table as well as the other ones available as table selections on the video game.   Ms. H reviews two video games she played on her PS4 and Xbox One -- Velocity and Forza Motorsport 5, respectively. Following the theme music of the Addams Family, Ms. H discusses the video game character of the week, Morticia Addams. She discussed background information on the Addams Family including how the Morticia Addams character was created.  The Mom's Minute Video Game Show continues with the introduction of Bobby King, who talked about his experiences in the video game industry, culminating with the video game Pinball Arcade and others.  He also talked about the FarSight Pinball Arcade kickstarter that is currently underway.  He responded to a variety of questions including what is done with the money that is raised beyond the goal amount, as well as what the company is planning in the future regarding pinball and other types video games.  He stated that even though the company is branching out from pinball games, it will continue to bring to the video game players pinball machines with the authentic video game tables the company is known for.  When asked which table on the Pinball Arcade was his favorite, his reply was his favorite was whatever game he is working on at the time.  He also shared that one of his favorite pinball machine is The Creature of the Black Lagoon.  He talked about the status of bringing Pinball Arcade to the Xbox 360 as well as what is happening with other pinball video games that are in the works by FarSight Studios.  Ms. H's interview with Bobby King continues with him providing more details about the Addams Family Pinball Arcade Kickstarter including what contributors will receive as  a result of helping the kickstarter to reach the goal amount.  The kickstarter is for the licensing required for the use of the Addams Family in Pinball Arcade.  Ms. H rounds out the video game Mom's Minute Show with her special saying that when you have done your very best, there is always room to improve.  

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