Mom's Minute 8-18-2014

Ms. H from Mom's Minute Video Game Show welcomes everyone to the 114th special Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie episode.  She reminds the listeners to join her on Sundays as she plays Tomb Raider and Watch Dogs alternatively at at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  The show kicks off with questions and comments from her listeners the first of which is what did Ms. H think about EA not providing review copies of the Sims 4 video game, as well as Madden video games.  She states that even though EA may want to curtail the use of review copies due to possible unfavorable comments,  the company should still provide review copies.  She continues the show with discussions about the two video games she played, The Road Less Taken and Pinball FX2 that she played on her PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively.  She gave favorable reviews to the Pinball FX2 game.  She learns about another Pinball game called Pinball Arcade, which she may check out.  An announcement was made about the Mom's Minute Matriarch Ultra Street Fighter IV Meltdown Tournament, Part 2 where the winner will be given a choice of incredible prizes.  In addition to the prizes, Ms. H said it is more important for everyone to have fun.  The winner of the matches, will face the reigning champion -- none other than Ms. H herself. She told everyone more details about the Mom's Minute Matriarch Meltdown Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Part 2 are available at . Ms. H discusses the video game character of the week, who is the rumored new character on the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie -- Aquaman.  Ms. H shares interesting information about Aquaman and a listener noted that this character is at the top tier of the Justice: Gods Among Us video game. Ms. H talks about her video game field trip to the Marine Science Museum and mentioned that her goal was to save money when she went -- which she did.  Even though the admission was $29.00, Ms. H was able to bypass this cost by concentrating her visit to the gift shops,   open viewing areas and other locations within the museum that did not require admission fees.  Ms. H inquired at the museum if there was Aquaman figures, or any videos related to this character.  Additionally, Ms. H shared that right outside the entrance to this museum was an otter statue that was completely decorated with recyclable materials as well as a large aquarium.  She also shared her visit to Adventure Park, which is a smaller version of the main museum.   At the museum, Ms. H saw many exhibits, free of charge including turtles,  lots of different type of fish and other marine animals. The closest machine to a video game console was at the Adventure Park museum where you could insert your arm in an opening and try to remove it before you felt a wisp of air -- which was a simulation of a snake bite.  Ms. H enjoyed playing this interactive game and she could tell the other people who played this game at the museum, enjoyed it as well.  Ms. H said she had an enjoyable video game field trip. Ms. H discusses new video game releases, followed by video game news which centered around the movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  She shares the release date which has changed about three times -- the latest date being March 25, 2016.  Ms. H explained why she was discussing a movie that has not yet been released as well as listed some of the characters slated to appear in the movie.  Ms. H rounds out the show with her original saying to let your positive actions and resilience be part of your new beginnings each and every day.  

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