Mom's Minute 6-2-2014

Mom's Minute Video Game Show 105th episode is started with Ms. H welcoming everyone and thanking those who watched her two live DC Universe Online PS4 gameplays broadcasts during the past weekend on Twitch.TV at  She announces that she plans to play Watch Dogs at 8:00 p.m. EST this coming Saturday, and welcomes everyone to join her whether it is to watch her game play, to impart their gameplaying advice to her, or to chat with friends as they watch DCUO. Ms. H also informs everyone that there will not be a show on June 9, 2014, and that she will resume her Mom's Minute Video Game Show broadcast the following Monday, June 16, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. EST, 4:00 p.m. PST at She prefaces her video game review with a recount of her visit to the midnight launch of Watch Dogs at GameStop that she went to the previous week.  Even though there was not much to report at the opening, she did say that she visited the GameStop  anyway. In her opinion, Watch Dogs should have been released when originally scheduled to capture some of the pre-holiday shoppers instead of being delayed. Ms. H discusses the video games she played which included Watch Dogs -- the game that she preordered from and received on the release date.  She enjoyed playing the game on her PS4; however, felt that the game did not quite live up to what she expected.  Ms. H plans to play the game more  to see if her opinion of the game will change.  Ms. H also reviewed Power Star Golf  on the Xbox One.  Of these games, she said she had more fun playing DCUO and is looking fowarding to continuing to play the game in the future.   The video game character of the week is Zatanna Zatari from the Justice League and the video game field trip was to Royal Pawn which she wrote about on   Lively discussion followed on what was considered to be the big video game news of the day which was the Mortal Kombat release scheduled for 2015.  Ms. H also discussed the release dates for the Ultra Super Street Fighter video game and referred everyone to for more information on this release as well as other articles including one on console accessories.  Upcoming video game tournaments were also discussed. News discussion  included the NCAA lawsuit as well as the Amazon Fire TV/Kindle bundle deal.  Ms. H rounds out the show with her special saying to seek empowerment within yourself because you are your own best life coach.

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