Mom's Minute 04-15-2014

Ms. H from Mom's Minute Video Game Show welcomes everyone to the 98th episode. She reviews two video game demos -- Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox One and Fez on the PlayStation 4.  She looks forward to playing more enjoyable games in the future, as she was not impressed with either of these video games.  She shared  that the Fez game reminded her of the game she played last week, Mercenary Kings due to the similarity of pixeled graphics.  She discusses the video game character of the week, the Amazing Spider-Man, detailing facts about this super-hero including when he was first created and by whom.  She directs everyone to the beautifully designed website to find out additional information about the Amazing Spider-Man as well as what to expect from the upcoming Spider-Man 2 video game.  Interjected in the discussion was the topic of the Heartbleed virus, as well as ways to avoid getting negatively impacted by it on the internet.  An expert explanation of the virus was described in detail. When her listeners seemingly humorously discussed their possible passwords which were of course fictitious--  Ms. H reminded everyone the importance of keeping their password secret and not sharing it with anyone.  She also shared her experience where she stood firm when she was once asked to reveal her password -- which she rightfully did not share.  She provides tips on creating strong passwords which may decrease vulnerabilities to this virus as well as for other security reasons.  Discussion continued on the various video game conventions in which Ms. H voiced her opinion that there should be a multitude of conventions so video game players can have choices of those they would like to attend. She also mentions specific video game conventions such as E3 and the MidAtlantic video game conference.  Ms. H shares her experience at a local video game store, which she discussed as her video game trip.  New video game releases are discussed followed by video game news.  At the top of the video game news is the allegation that there are millions of E.T. and Pac-Man Atari cartridges buried somewhere in southern New Mexico. On April 26, 2014 a special excavation team that received governmental authority will perform a search and air it in a future documentary. Ms. H rounds out the show with her special original saying to use your brain smartly and strategically since your brain power is your greatest intellectual property.

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